New (G2) Firmware 1.9.66 (3/31/09)


Nov 11, 2008
*I beat DAB* lol

New Firmware for the G2 has been released.

Please make sure your player is fully charged, then refresh the player. It will download the update. After the update is downloaded, and "Refresh Complete" is shown, disconnect the player from any power sources and power it off by holding down the Play/Pause key for 3-5 seconds. It will power off, and then 5-10 seconds later power back on and perform the Firmware Update to 1.9.66.

Here is the 'list of changes' compared to the public release 1.9.52:
1. Make pause icon more correct in one case
2. Change the text for a couple of messages
3. Resolve a few issues with sleep/wakeup
4. Introduce Lyrics to the G2 (See Important Note Below)

Here is how Lyrics work
A. Highlight the song title and press and hold select (the wheel)
-Full Lyrics for Plus and Premium accounts
- Partial Lyrics for Basic accounts.
- Lyrics are only available for the 'now playing' radio track (not for library tracks).
- Lyrics may be available, in some cases, for saved radio tracks (premium accts. only)

There is an optional path to display lyrics for the now playing radio track

Press the select button on the song title to bring up the song list.
Highlight a song and press the select button. (Lyrics are only available for the 'now playing' radio track)

Important: Lyrics are downloaded along with track information. No lyrics will be available for content already cached on your device. If you want access to the most lyrics possible then you need to factory reset (or add/remove stations) to get as much new content as possible. Some tracks do not have lyric information (we can only provide lyrics for tracks that our lyrics provider ( has given to us). You will get an 'information unavailable' notice when lyrics are not available

Best regards,
Rome E
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Mod Emeritus
Oct 9, 2008
Yippie... Congrats!

Well ain't I surprised that this update has the Lyrics Feature! hehehe