New Firmware 1.6.89 has been release for G1 (12/23/08)

Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by out of control, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. As posted on the official Slacker forum -

    Hi guys,
    There is some new firmware for the G1 portable radio players.

    To get the update, please make sure that you have more than 50% battery charge (recommend that you fully charge your player before doing this). Refresh your stations as you normally would and then after the stations are refreshed, it will download the firmware update.

    Once the refresh is completed, power off the player by moving the power switch down and letting go. It will say shutting down, and power down, then restart and perform the firmware update.

    If your firmware update does not start, please plug your G1 into power and let the battery charge more. It will not initiate at all if the battery is less than 50% full.

    Fixed the stuttering that some people reported as songs start.
    Fixed the problems reported with Radio Plus subscriptions when used with the G1.
    Fixed some stations not syncing to the G1 players properly.
    Made other Misc bug fixes.

    As always, if you have any problems, please let us know.

    I would suggest that if you experience problems, please perform a Factory Reset and refresh your player again.

    Best regards,
    Rome E
    Slacker Support

    Post your comments, and findings.......
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  2. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    This is good news, I just called my buddy and told him to refresh his channels tonight and download that update. I have one other one under the tree that I am fixing to go unwrap and update before I gift it tomorrow. That way it will already be updated and refreshed with the latest station content.

    I was really concerned about the stuttering after my friend told me about the one I gave him yesterday, but if this fixes it that will be great!
  3. sphere79

    sphere79 Member

    Just wanted to let everyone know that some of the artists that have been missing from the G1 rotation (Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Beastie Boys, etc.) are now playing with this update!

    A sincere Thank You to the Slacker people!!!!!!
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  4. Appears Slacker gave all the portable owners a little holiday gift with the updates. Nice of them......
  5. MM

    MM Administrator

    I give the update a shot, then my G1 a second chance.
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  6. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I sent you an email about your G1. So, keep that in mind once you give it a 2nd chance.
  7. TVGenius

    TVGenius New Member

    Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of Wooted G1's getting re-wrapped tonight. Then again, I don't know if it's that big of a deal for most people, seeing as how it would get the update the first time the recipient customized their channels. But the skipping was getting bad.

    Haven't tested mine yet, but I know they fixed the new channels issue, seeing as how mine's finally taking Trance music. Now if only my 'net connection would go faster than 30 minutes for each full channel you refresh.
  8. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Well my other one was given away tonight and the person loved it. Come to find out she was using the online web player already and was thinking about getting a G2. But she was tickled to get the G1.

    I did install the update, so she won't ever hear the skipping issue or the missing music as many others have. I did play with it a good bit today as I was updating it and I really like the G1 myself. That big screen in always on mode while charging showing the song info is so cool. It gives when it was released and the music label info. The G2 does this too if you hit the button while on the album art. But larger text is what I really like though.

    Anyway... I have a feeling the Slacker service is going to take off this coming year even with economy down because of the basic free subscription and the new lower priced Plus server.
  9. danapop

    danapop New Member

    Since this firmware was pushed to my player, it's been running weird. First, the stuttering audio went away (good), but once the unit was turned off, it would not come back on again until I pulled the battery and then it would start up immediately once the battery was inserted. I did a factory reset and that problem went away, but now the opposite has happened-I can not turn the unit off! It goes off then starts up again all by itself. This is a three day old unit by the way..

  10. sphere79

    sphere79 Member

    You'll need to try the "recovery" process, which requires the latest Slacker software player on your computer and then a series of button presses on the player. Contact Slacker chat support and they will email you the process. It may be detailed on these or the "official" forums, either way you'll need you unit connected to your PC and communicating properly for it to work. My player worked great after the firmware update initially and then a few days ago started getting chuggy and not updating correctly. A 6 hour "recovery and refresh" process (which had to reload all of my 23 stations) seemed to make it better. We'll see how long it lasts this time before I need to do it again.....
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  11. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Make sure when you turn it off, that you are just quickly pushing down and releasing the power button. When I first got the G1, I kept holding it down and this automatically tells the G1 to shut down and restart when I reviewed the quick start info that came with it, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. So it just has to be a quick push down and let go.

    One thing for sure even when the G1 is working right it is rather sluggish, but you should see the shutting down pop up and then the screen while go blank.

    Not sure this is your issue, but just thought I'd throw it out there just in case.
  12. xan_user

    xan_user Banned

    you can remove the G1 battery? how? did you happen to take note of any numbers on said battery? it be nice to start finding a distributor for replacements now rather than after my battery dies.
  13. ibprtazpolpcp

    ibprtazpolpcp New Member

    Seems to have fixed the (timeout) auto-shutdown that used to occur if you were wifi-refreshing while not playing any music.
  14. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Wow this update was really needed... I've never operated the G1 without this update, so I have no idea how buggy it really was.

    They still have some issues to iron out, but I wonder if we'll ever see another update for the G1?

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