New channels (SIRIUS)


Medicinal & Recreational.
Oct 11, 2008
Seattle, WA
I just noticed some changes to the line-up:

- SIRIUS Hits 1 is now SIRIUS XM Hits 1

- New channel: SIR-10 is called "Limited Engagements" (The online home of SIRIUS XM's exclusive limited-run channels) [Hmm... The end of single-artist promotions?]

- New channels: SIRIUS XM Sports Nation (122), SIRIUS XM Sports Nation 2 (SIR-11)

- New channel: SIR-12 is called "SIRIUS XM Bootlegs" (Selections from thousands of exclusive live music performances)

- New channel: SIR-13 is called "SIRIUS XM Music Showcase" (Exclusive music shows from Dylan, Petty, King, and more)

- New channel: SIR-14 is called "SIRIUS XM Comedy Showcase" (Exclusive shows from Jamie Foxx, Jim Breuer, and more)

- New channel: SIR-15 is "SIRIUS XM Talk Showcase" (Exclusive talk shows from Barbara Walters, Bill Bradley, and more)

- New channel: SIR-16 is "America Right"

- New channel: SIR-17 is "America Left"

- New channel: SIR-18 is "C-SPAN"

- New channel: SIR-19 is "The Power"

- New channel: SIR-20 is "Public Radio Exchange" (Public Interest Programming)

- New channel: SIRIUS 145 is "Fox News Talk"

- New channel: SIRIUS 117 is "SIRIUS XM Book Radio"

- New channels: Bloomberg Radio (130) and CNN Headline News (133)

- New channel: Radio Disney (115), ESPN Deportes (91), ESPN Radio (120)

If you notice any other channels, let me know.