New 3ds Xl


Release Robin's Bra
Oct 11, 2008

well this is cool yet im kinda pissed.

adding the right analog sick or nub is awesome, better viewing angle for the 3d effect, the return of the classic color buttons and new extra 2 shoulder buttons is great. it also is supposed to be a bit more powerful. videos show faster web browsing and game DL's is cool.

probably the main reason for this upgrade is for the amiibo integration. nintendo is really betting on these figures to pay off for both systems.

but then they say that there will be some games made that will ONLY run on the new 3ds. EEK!!! this new 3ds does not at all appear to be a brand new system like the ds to 3ds was. just a slight upgrade more like DS to DSi. i really dont want to by a new handheld for only a slight upgrade but i might have to if they release games that are cool and only run for the system.

also i know im pretty much to only person who posts in this forum anymore but i dont care. im happy to rant somewhere that isnt that forum is not much fun.

another problem is i have read nothing about a better camera. the 3d camera is a really cool feature but the camera is currently on par with a flip phone crap camera. makes it not even worth using for anything but a gimmick to show friends. if it had just a 5 megapixel camera id be happy to use it all the time for the 3d effect. i dont think 5mp is asking too much these days.
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