Netflix Near A New And Better Deal With Cw


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Dec 16, 2008
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Netflix has had a deal with the CW Network since the end of 2011 that is coming to an end soon, but a new and even better deal for cord cutters is almost complete.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this new deal with the CW network will bring new CW shows to Netflix just a few weeks after they end. In the past you had to wait until a new season of a CW show was almost ready to start for the old season to show up on Netflix.

As Netflix gets close to this new deal with the CW Network there are also reports that CW’s talks with Hulu have stalled and there is a real risk of CW shows leaving Hulu soon.

The deal is being negotiated between Netflix and CW’s parent companies CBS and Warner Bros., and it is rumored to extend the Netflix deal for five more years and give Netflix exclusive rights to CW shows in the United States.

Netflix is Near a New & Better Deal With the CW Network | Cord Cutters News