NCAA trying to become the No Fun League?

Steel Cranium

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Nov 12, 2008
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I heard this topic discussed on ESPN today - college football cracking down on the post (and during) touchdown celebrations. To use 'zero tolerance' to take the decision of illegal or not out of the ref's hands. Can't alter your stride when heading for the endzone - no highkicking, flip into endzone, etc. Nothing after the touchdown - chest pump = penalty, no dance/fist-pumping, no fun. Furthermore, they are talking about a penalty of this sort taking points off the board after the touchdown instead of applying the 15 on the next kick.

I believe that they should be talking about post-BCS bowl management and maybe a playoff / championship game instead of making the game less exciting to the viewers. They should just limit the time the celebration can be done (30secs after touchdown) and disallow the group dance and direct taunting. What's next? 15yds for a 'sack dance' or fist pump after a good tackle?


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Oct 13, 2008
Houston, TX
This kind of thing costed Washington its one win this past season. Jake Locker scored that late TD against BYU, and instead of handing the ball to the ref, he got caught up in the moment and threw it up in the air. Well, they were penalized, the PAT attempt was moved back and subsequently blocked...Washington goes on to an 0-12 season. BYU avoids Washington's upset bid with blocked PAT - NCAA College Football Recap - ESPN

As long as it's not blatant taunting of the other team, and it's not choreographed ahead of time, I say let the kids have some fun. They're amateur athletes after all.


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Oct 30, 2008
I agree let them celebrate smartly just not too stupid , I think we can call the NCAA the most politically correct organazition in america.