National Signing Day

Discussion in 'NCAA (All Sports)' started by AJ_II, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. AJ_II

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    Today is the official signing day for college football recruits. For any of you interested, here are a few links...

    Team-by-team list of commits - Commit Lists

    Rivals 100 (top 100 prospects according to - Prospect Rankings

    Rivals recruiting home page (scroll down a little for team rankings on the left) - - Football Recruiting

    ESPN's recruiting page - Insider - Football Recruiting - ESPN

    Aaron should be pretty happy...LSU is number one right now according to Rivals.
  2. semipenguin

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    How many 12yos have they signed?...:right:

    Oh, wait. That's basketball...:worried:

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  3. AJ_II

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    Yeah that really is creepy how young they start recruiting those kids.

    Well Aaron, the dreaded Crimson Tide has overtaken you guys at number one. But there is some silver lining; you still have the most 5-star recruits coming in (five of them...I wish we could land just ONE!), including a guy right out of my back yard, Russell Shepard. His high school (Cy-Ridge) is in the same district as my old high school. It'll be interesting to see how Miles wants to use him next year. Shepard insists on wanting to play QB, but it seems like they're pretty set with Jordan Jefferson. Miles needs to find a way to get him on the field next year.
  4. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    I'm very pleased with the class that Miles is signing this year!
    Looks like we've got 5 of the top 25 players on Rivals rankings.

    Have you seen Shepard play? Sounds like he is the real deal.
    It will be great to see him and Reuben Randle on the field at the same time.
  5. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

  6. AJ_II

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    Must be nice! Tech got one guy in the top 200 (#191)!!! They finished 34th, which is an improvement over the last two years. But you can't put TOO much stock into these recruitment rankings. Rivals had Crabtree listed as the 16th best WR in the '06 class. :scratch: But it is a good overall estimate of how schools are doing.

    I never saw Shepard play in person unfortunately, but I've seen video of him as I imagine you have as well. You've got a special player there. I'm thinking they might use him a bit at WR next season.

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