NASCAR Media Group prepping for NASCAR Network?


Oct 23, 2008
South of Terre Haute
Foyt here is my question to you.. would you not pay extra for a NASCAR network because it is a budget concer(i.e. you just can't afford to put more money into T.V) or are you a person that believes that it should all be free and NASCAR shouldn't make all the money it can from it's product? Not judging(YET) just curious

It would just not be important enough to me to pay anything extra for it. I consider myself a fan, but that label itself is short for fan-atic. I do not consider myself a fanatic. I have attended races at Michigan, Indy, Bristol, Rockingham & Daytona. I am not a driver lover or hater. I spent time at Indianapolis Raceway Park when John Bickford was selling Jeff Gordon shirts out the back of his car and the tickets for my first trip to Daytona came from Kenny Schrader.

All that being said, I have more important things to do with my $$ than spend on additional TV networks. Perhaps it's like Poole used to day...the sport hasn't changed, I have. It's a matter of priorities.

So, you say, "Foyt, you pay for Sirius" which is correct. I would have never thought of paying for radio until I bought a 2005 Jetta which had in-dash Sirius radio with a free trial subscription. I got hooked on commercial free music and then 128. So, yes, I do pay for radio.

I could care less about who makes the money, it's just a matter of priorities.

Now, I will say that my LT is transferring to Dover AFB this track we've never been next year I'll be broadening my horizons.


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Nov 6, 2008
It could long as it's "Digger Free" :p

I bet Digger would get his own channel! :yesshake:

Seriously though, IMO the more coverage, the better. I'd pay a price comparable to one of the other premium sports channels, like NFL, NHL, MLB, or the NBA. I pay for the extra options that they have at now & feel that I am getting my moneys worth. I simply look at it as the price of one ticket that lasts a whole season. They would/could never make this only a PPV sport for obvious reasons. I think that it would only enhance the sport. :yesshake:


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Oct 11, 2008
Janesville, MN
Thanks, takes a bit longer but sometimes more convenient. Semi made me do it.:p:egypt:


I don't do it all the time, but now that I got my phone replaced, I can use the internet on my phone again...:)

I paid $500 to get NASCAR Races on the radio. Call me crazy. If I had a satellite dish, I'd pay extra to watch the NASCAR Channel. Just make the France family richer...:right:


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Oct 23, 2008
NASCAR network? Will be great if you can get it and afford it. I only have the NFL network because my stepson just got us hooked up with DirectTV.

But if I can't afford it I'm not going out of my way to get it. I hate missing football if it's not on the "free" local channels and I don't have cable or sat. TV. And I'll hate missing a race if it's on the nascar network and I don't have it.

I have to REALLY want something to pay for it. Heck I can't even afford Sirius radio and only have it because of birthdays and holidays when I tell people to just get me a gift card. ;)

Really the only thing I can think of that I will go out of my way to get and pay for is internet access. I'll take the internet over TV or radio.