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Discussion in 'Games & Consoles' started by Mopar86, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Left 4 Dead

    Is anyone playing Left 4 Dead? I can't put the game down when I am at home, it's terribly addictive. I've only played it in Normal and Multi-player, but tonight I plan on breaking into the harder modes.

    The one thing I like about this game as appose to other Zombie games is, in this one the zombies RUN at/after you( like in 28 days later), instead of slowly walking towards you(like in Res Evil). It adds to the drama of the game and really works your target acquisition.

    What I do have a conflict with is the lack of a better aiming system, for a first person shooter. The aiming is very general in movement unless you get the hunting rifle which allows for small adjustments to the aim, and zoom. But when you have the assault rifle for instance you cannot make a small adjustment to your aim. Just big steps or awkward horizontal/vertical movement.

    The game it self is pretty good and more challenging than I thought. The Special Infected can really do a number you, especially if you are pretty low on health already. I actually like "hailing the horde" and let them swarm to get my kill count up, but other times when I'm down, the computer does a pretty good job trying to make the game a struggle to stay alive. Don't plan on walking through this, it can be challenging at times.

    I'm going to rip into the Expert levels tonight and I will let you know my thoughts after the slaughter.

    I plan on keeping this game in my arsenal for a long time. So all of you Xbox360 owners go out buy it and add me as a friend ( Joshchi13 ) and let's toast some Zombies or maybe some Survivors together.
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    I've been meaning to get that game. I've heard nothing but good things.

    I'll be sure to add you to my list. :)
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    Expert is pretty damn hard. Any Tank or Witch attack will most assuredly put you down and close to death and they'll go on to do the same to your team or just kill you. On expert, be wary of these two cause if you don't give them plenty of space while your attacking, you get knocked down ,incapacitated and soon your team will be too. The zombies in general do seem harder to kill, there is just more of them and they do a good job of picking out the weakling in the group.

    It's challenging to say the least which should make for some good game play in the future.

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