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Discussion in 'DRC Site Feedback' started by KTMCDO, Dec 17, 2008.


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    how about a forum where we can discuss the
    various music services ie itunes napster zune marketplace
  2. hexagram

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    A sub-forum could be created in the MP3 Players section... But what is there to talk about with "Online Music Stores" that warrants it's own forum?
  3. So far users have not shown a demand for it. I could see a itunes forum since probably a lot of users have a itunes account. Although how much could you really talk about in the itunes forum ? As for the others you mentioned for all you can eat music services. Seems the demand is very low for that type of provider/service. If the demand was active I'm sure they would add it. The Slacker forum shows that the DRC is willing to expand.

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