Micro SD Card


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Apr 12, 2009
Okemos Michigan
Just purchased the Stiletto 2 and had a MicroSD card question. In the manual it states: For optimal performance, use a PC to format your high capacity micro SD card as FAT32 prior to use in the Stiletto. My card has some MP3's on it already and I placed it in the adapter that it came with and inserted it in the proper slot in our desktop. I couln't even figure out how to locate it, much less format it. (I am 53 and this is all new to me). Is it going to matter all that much if it isn't formatted? It's a SanDisk 4gb card. Thanks for any help I get on this!


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Oct 14, 2008
It sould be FAT32 anyway. I wouldn't worry about it.

BUT if you want to check, take the card out of the PC, and click on MY COMPUTER. You'll see a list of available drives on your PC. Now insert the card and it sould show up.

Right click then click PROPERTIES. If it says FILE SYSTEM "FAT" then you are allset.

If you DO format the card, remember you will LOSE EVERYTHING ON IT.