Maybe I'm Amazed: The McCartney Interview

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Ifandorbut, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    Amazed that Gary was able to get Sir Paul...yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!

    The first McCartney interview of 2001 was one of Howard's best interviews, I am looking forward to this more than anything they've hyped on Sirius...even more than the "tapes". I only hope that Robin is kept in check and that Artie doesn't turn the conversation into his life drama.

    Advice to Artie....please be quiet...crack wise every so often, pay your respect and be quiet....oh, and don't go to any after show Buddy Holly parties that Paul might be throwing.

    I hope Howard takes a call from Sour Shoes.
  2. rickster53

    rickster53 Active Member

    God, I hope not. The first McCartney interview was so great because most of the other people stayed out of Howard's way enough to let him develop a real conversation with Paul. The worst thing they could do tomorrow is break up the conversation with "bits" (Sour Shoes, Artie going off on a tangent, anything involving SalandRichard).

    Anyway, I can't wait to hear this!
  3. jamesp717

    jamesp717 Member

    Hey Now

    I cant wait for artie to step all over the interview.

    50/1 says that artie claims to have had an amputee girlfriend/whore/prostitute and tries to bond with Paul on the subject.
  4. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    The thing is, Sour Shoes is such a huge fan...I also think Paul would get a bit of a kick out of him. He wouldn't be on for more than a few seconds and more than likely not until Howard was wrapping things up.

    I root for Sour Shoes, I think he's talented. Yeah, keep Artie and Robin's comments to a minimum and keep richardandsal out of the studio.

    I'm psyched.
  5. Forevernever

    Forevernever Active Member

    The guest line-up this week has been pretty amazing. I think Howard has taken the whole, "He's irrelevant" critiques personally and has been working overtime to book A-listers. I don't think for a second that retarded half-ape had anything to do with the all-star line-up; I think Howard's been making some calls personally.
  6. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    Good interview. I wish it could have been a bit longer but Paul probably has a ton of other media to do today as well.
  7. almaniac27

    almaniac27 Member

    I didn't hear much from Artie, but I was only half-listening.
  8. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    Doesn't matter. The Artie voices in their head make up for it.
  9. jef

    jef Power Pig, Hello!

    He was really quiet. Say what you will about Artie, but I think that he knows when to shut his fat yapper. Times when guests like Paul McCartney are in is one of them. Bencio Del Toro, not so much.
  10. jef

    jef Power Pig, Hello!

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  11. Forevernever

    Forevernever Active Member

    Like the increasing quality of the guests, I also think this is Howard's doing.
  12. jef

    jef Power Pig, Hello!

    I think Artie probably takes cues from Howards reaction. This isn't a new thing, though - there have been examples of Artie not saying much in the past, too. Though those could all just be the result of his napping thanks to heroin :D
  13. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    Artie's smarter than people think.
  14. blyons200

    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    He was probably just nodding off.;)
  15. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    Yes, I did catch that. I had a similar reaction as you did. :D
  16. geosync

    geosync Well-Known Member

    I have about 10 minutes left to go on it, and enjoyed it so far. Nothing revolutionary, but Sir Paul in studio is just about as good as it gets.
  17. Wayne Edwards

    Wayne Edwards Active Member

    I guess Paul won't be dating Robin any time soon. Douche chill moment: When she said, "I guess I'm being rejected", the silence was deafening....Paul was more vocal on "I Am The Walrus".
  18. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Haven't heard the interview yet, but I hope Howard played that Ringo recording for Paul..."PEACE AND LOVE!"
  19. JYJr

    JYJr Member

    Didn't play it, but he mentioned it and Paul responded to it...
  20. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    Well, it is awkward. Paul could do way better than Robin. If we still had concubines nowadays, then maybe she could be one of those, but not his wife.

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