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Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by out of control, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. I have not gotten my G2 yet, but should be getting it soon. I want a nice protective case, and a cradle for my car. As I am sure others do. So I thought we could compile a list. Of products you have found that may work. Or products you know that will work. So I'll begin the list......

    My new Scion came with a complimentary multi function device and coin holder that sits in the front cup holder. It clearly works for a ipod, or cell phone. I am hoping it will work for the G2 as well once I get it. Salesmen said this is for sale in the parts area of the Toyota dealership. I assume it will work with any standard size lower dash cup holder hole. I'll try to post a pic later.

    Someone on the slacker forum claims this product works great as a car cradle.......
    Universal Car Mount Holder for PSP/PDA/GPS/Cell Phone - eBay (item 260322402446 end time Nov-26-08 22:22:16 PST)

    Also on the slacker forum someone has posted this protective case from BB, or Radio shack works perfecrtly. To protect the LCD screen......
    Body Glove Mesh Universal Smartphone Case -

    I noticed this cell phone holder. Which would have to be ordered via Toyota. Does not look like you can buy directly from site. Toyota is authorized dealer which I found via optimize Scion web site. I have not confirmed the product fitting the G2 yet. Intellegent phone holder......Car Mate U.S.A. / CARMATE Cell Phone Holders

    So post your ideas, or comments. On what works, or what does not work. Possible other products that will work as a solution.......
  2. TX WJ

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    If and when I get a G2 I plan on going to Best Buy and looking for a phone that is the same size.

    Then I will go to ProClip Mounting System  - Choose Your Country and order a cradle for that phone, it won't be a charger, but at least it will be secure.

    I have one for my cell, its a two part system, the mount is determined by the car, and the holder by the device. They are easy to install and really solid, you don't have to take the car apart and the device holder attaches to the mount with one screw.

    Here is the one for my Mogul in my Camry.


  3. Daghis

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    I have a ProClip mount that I used for my XM Inno radio. What I'm doing right now is I've taken the car dock off the swivel mount and have applied Velcro to that (the hard half) and I put the soft Velcro onto the metal back of the G2. This way I can stick the G2 onto the swivel mount. It stays there quite securely and is a reasonable solution until something better comes along.

    I asked ProClip whether they'd make a device holder for the Slacker G2. Unfortunately, their response was negative:
    I don't blame them considering the number of car-based G2 users is quite small compared with other, more popular devices coming out all the time. At this point, my hopes are with Slacker coming out with their own car dock that will use the same mount attachment as someone else, perhaps either of the satellite radio companies' docks.
  4. and some preset buttons on the slacker car dock. So you don't have to navigate too much to another station while your driving.
  5. TX WJ

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    Perhaps if enough people ask, then again if Slacker would order them and then sell them. The great thing about them is that they make mounts (and you don't have to take the dash apart to install them) for every kind of car.
  6. Turns out my multi device holder that sits in cup holder works just fine. I don't use the cup holders for anything else so it works out. Passenger has a separate cup holder they can use if needed. At first I was standing the device in the slot with it angled for the view. Then it dawned on me to just keep the armband on the G2, and I just wrap the armband around the outside of the device holder. It actually works very well. G2 does not move around, and I can hit the function buttons easily as needed. The device holder came with the purchase of my car so it worked out........Added some pics, but nothing too exciting.

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  7. DoublEE

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    OOC...don't be fooled. The Slacker forum author got a little overzealous in his "it fits perfect" comments. The Body Glove Mesh Universal Smartphone Case is garbage. I tried it at Radio Shack. The case is way too big and it obstructs the side controls. The OP in the Slacker forum later admitted this after I posted my findings. Save your $20.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I actually am good to go at this point I think. I use the clip case that came with the device. I'll be adding a modified G1 invisible shield this week. So I should be all set, and not needing anything else. My G2 is either on my arm with my band, or in my car on my device holder.
  9. JMII

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    As soon as a real car cradle/adapter/holder is released I'm getting a G2, this is the only thing stopping me from buying one. It needs to be able hold the player firm and steady, charge the batteries and have line out (for aux-in) or even better USB out to route directly into the newer aftermarket car stereos that take USB input. I've got a Pioneer unit that connects to my iPod this way and it sounds AWESOME, a thousands time better then those useless FM modulators.
  10. It appears you maybe waiting a while....
  11. DAB

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    Well you can connect the G2 directly using the audio-out/headphone jack to your Pioneer head unit through the aux-input without a car dock kit. I've been doing this in my personal and company car for awhile now and it sounds great. I also invested in the car charger and when the battery gets low this allows me to charge it. Though in all fairness on average I get about 10 hours of battery life and this is looking at the screen fairly often.

    Clearly these kits are something they will get around to doing, but it maybe awhile before that happens. Admittedly Slacker has said they want to focus on making the device the best it can be before they start getting into accessories such as this. But I would indeed like to see them get a car dock as you describe, but I wouldn't let it hold me up from getting one in the mean time.
  12. Sounds like JMII is going to be kind of stubborn if he waits on the docks, etc. Why deny yourself a great device, but don't let me stop ya. Ya do what you want. Sound quality on car stereo is great with a aux input available on your stereo.
  13. DoublEE

    DoublEE Active Member

    I'm bummed about Slacker choosing to not focus on docks but considering the product I'm willing to live with the decision. Slacker rocks!
  14. JMII

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    The problem I have is where to put the player while driving that allows me to: be able to see the screen, being able to press the heart/ban/skip buttons and avoiding all the wire clutter. I drive a 5 speed (stick shift) in stop 'n crawl traffic - so the G2 needs to be mounted solidly in my car. Simply putting in a cup holder or on the seat next to me isn't going to cut it. I went thru the same pains with my iPod, but now that I've got a USB Pioneer deck the iPod can be put away in the glove box since the dock connection does EVERYTHING and all controls/displays are handled by the radio itself.

    I'd also like a dock for listening at my desk... darn IT department blocks so I can't use the web player at work :(

    How long as the G2 been out? I know money is tight but where is Slacker's R&D budget going if not into some better accessories like docking stations. Don't get me wrong I love the service... I just need a way to make the player stay put in my car without a bunch of messy wires all over the place.
  15. Most just compromise with other products on the market. Things that would be used for cell phones, and such. I myself have resolved this issue, but we all need a different set up depending on our car that we own. You could also use velcro. It really just depends on your imagination to come up with something. Of course you are not likely to do this if you don't physically own the device......
  16. DAB

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    Well I guess my first question would be how important while you are driving is seeing the display? I understand that is what you want, but in order to enjoy the service while away from the computer is that really so important?

    Since currently you must power the G2 with a cig plug adapter much like you would a PNP tuner dock, there is no way to do it without seeing some of the wires. There will have to be wires running from the device or the dock. The G2 can't communicate with head units like the iPod so sticking it in a glove box isn't ever going to work.

    But I have mine stuck in my console where you don't see any wires at all, but at some point I have to plug it in to charge it and that that point you will see the cig plug adapter, no way to avoid that.

    Again it is your decision, but waiting for them to come out with a dock where you will be faced with many of the same obstacles seems sort of silly to me.
  17. JMII should just go for it. The details will fall into place once he has the unit to fine tune proper interior car placement :hah::hah:.

    Use your imagination to make it work :roflmao:
  18. I installed a invisible shield on my G2 yesterday. I ordered a G1 invisible shield. I created a paper template first of the size I wanted the shield to be. I then used the template to cut the shield with a very sharp knife I had in my shop. Well it turned out great. Really glad I did this. As I don't like leaving the screen unprotected on a 200 dollar device. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief......ahhhh. Lastly don't substitute for other products mimicking Zagg. As the Zagg products rock, and are far superior to imitations. I was disappointed Zagg have not produced a G2 screen protector, but cutting a G1 protector was very easy. The key is to just get the size right the first time. However what is funny is the G1 is so big. I have enough screen left over to cut a second protector. So I guess I got a two for one deal.
  19. DAB

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    Yes there are many of these sold at Best Buy for various items, so you can purchase one and cut it to size.

    I guess no poor soul has sent their Slacker G2 into Zagg for them to create the template for making these bad boys. They are hard to turn lose of once you get one and start enjoying it.
  20. SatRadioRules

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    Because I don't want my precious G2 flopping on my desk, I made a temporary cradle. All you need is a DV video cassette case. Flip the lid all the way around and you are done. See the photos...not perfect, but it may work:

    MobileMe Gallery

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