Make your zune battery life last longer


Oct 15, 2008

for those that have a zune and those future zune users thought i would post this
bit of information hope it helps

This tip works for all Zune models and firmware.
1.) Turn on your Zune

2.) Navigate to the settings option on the main menu.

3.) Turn wireless off by hitting the select button. Turning off wireless saves alot of battery life, turn it on when you see someone with a Zune you would like to share with.

4.) While in the same menu, navigate to the sounds option and turn them off. This option turns off the noise when sifting through menus. This doesn't disable music or sound with anything like that, just the ding when you sift through menus-which is unnecessary anyway.

5.) Navigate to the display option, and hit the select button. Go to backlight and change that to 15 seconds by hitting the select button. This provides enough seconds to use, yet saves battery life.

6.) Now, go to brightness option. Hit the select button until it is set on low. (Even on low brightness this unit is still bright.)

7.) Turn TV. out off when not in use by hitting the select button on that option.

8.) Be at the main menu for these procedures:
To turn the unit off if your going to come back to it in about a hour, (or a school day)
Hold the play and pause button down until the screen goes dark.
To turn the unit completely off, if your not going to be using it for about a day or several hours, do the following: Hold down the back button while holding down the down button on the d pad until the screen goes dark. Now the unit is completely off.

9.) When the unit is off, or in your pocket while listening to music, turn the lock switch at the top of the Zune to locked. (There will be a orange color on the lock when its locked.) This prevents accidental turning on the unit when it is off, or accidental button hitting in your pocket.

10.) When listening to music, do not constantly push buttons or interact with the unit. Use a playlist to maximize battery life.