Look what Bubba just posted himself regarding the edited afternoon shows

Discussion in 'BTLS Archives' started by beaniemac, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    look what bubba himself posted on btls forums on his site

    Bubba the Love Sponge® Show - View topic - I AM SORRY YOU ARE UPSET, I KNEW YOU WOULD BE

  2. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    Everyone has to understand that this man needs his family , and although his fans may be pissed , understand he needed to do what he needed to do in order to stay on with the company. Besides that he is happier it seems that he had time with the family today which makes me personally happy for him.
  3. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    personally im more mad @ sirius than bubba. they really dropped the ball. I mean they're asking a lot if they want us to pay for "free" shows. well I guess we get the 1 dirty show on fridays......
  4. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    So true , and Sirius XM probably doesnt give a rats ass anymore about appealing to the male fan base , and this I think will lead to subscribers cancelling that signed on for him. Hopefully once he gets his shit together he can maybe do a video type of a uncensored show daily.
  5. sjb4

    sjb4 Member

    I am no fan of his show, but the way I read his post is basically "I don't care what my fans think of me as long as I am happy. And none of this is not my fault, blame it all on Sirius."

    He acts like he's doing all his fans a favor by staying on Sirius. He bitches about having to work more than other radio personalities, but why does he have to? To maintain his lifestyle? Because he loved the uncensored environment of Sirius so much? That was his choice, just as was accepting Sirius' most recent offer - which he also bitches about. If no one in the industry was willing to pay him a "fair rate", then its time to consider a career change or lifestyle change.

    It seems like his ego is taking over here.

    That being said, good for him having more free time to spend with his kids.
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  6. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    what u want him to do. sirius f*cked him over, cuz they basically said, he couldn't get paid due to the pending merger. well the merger happens, and guess what???? chris russo comes in, other talent comes in, and they still dont wanna pay bubba, but this time he has the upper hand. too bad the sirius fans had to get screwed for him to stick it to sirius upper management.
  7. wwfmike

    wwfmike Member

    I'm not a Bubba fan but if I was this would piss me off to no end. I wouldn't pay for 4 censored shows. Why the hell would I want to pay to hear bits and songs with bleeps in them. I'm sorry for Bubba and I understand that he wants to be happy but it's BS. I don't know why Sirius would even agree to the terms. They do nothing but piss off every subscriber one way or another lately.
  8. joe2k4

    joe2k4 Member

    This was real nice. I think Sirius over pays some people who don't deserve it for there name value, but there locked in to those deals for now. Maybe in 2 years they won't be. I know people are upset but if you aren't paying for the service the service won't continue and you won't have Bubba at all nationwide. Just my thoughts.
  9. Neigh

    Neigh Well-Known Member

    I am going to weigh as another non-fan. I don't blame Sirius and I don't blame him. Simple economics. They say they can't afford to pay him a star's salary and he cannot afford to work for what they pay him. And who could blame him for not wanting a 4:30AM to 8 PM work day? I suspect old Howard could persuade Bubba to stay if he shared a small part of his take but that ain't gonna happen.
  10. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    :D:D, a snowball's got a better chance not melting in hell than that happening.
  11. JoeTan

    JoeTan Well-Known Member

    You people need to get out of that haze you are in. Millions of dollars a year IS A LOT OF MONEY. Don't you understand why you can't bow to someone that has nothing to show for his success other than his big mouth and being a cry baby?

    He's not stern. No one above the mason/dixon line gives a crap about this fat slob. And here we go with Stern OWING someone some money for what? Cause he's a big mouth and his loud mouth fans say so?

    That's fun in fantasy land but not reality. Reality is that Stern is responsible for more than half of Sirius' listeners and he's made more revenue for the company than anyone has.

    That's why HIS SHOW has a $100M budget. He doesn't have $100M in cash handed to him. That pays for everything.

    Bubba also pays everyone with his money BUT guess what, SLIM DOWN THE SHOW. He has like 50 guys on the take that are all 3 trick dolphins at best.
  12. Neigh

    Neigh Well-Known Member

    I made the comment but I don't care if Bubba disappears. I am not suggesting Howard pay him anything. I am just spectulating that it would not take that much to keep him (I guess that reflects my low opinion of his schtick.) As for the show budget, didn't Howard say that he gets paid a salary and that Sirius handles the salaries of the staff separately? Isn't that the basis of the "I'm not your boss?" mantra. And who said millions? What the hell was Bubba paid by Sirius and what is he going to be paid now in Florida??
  13. GoodDog

    GoodDog Well-Known Member

    I'm not a fan his but if I was this sirius deal would piss me off and his whinning would drive me crazy. There are lots of people who need to work two jobs and who earn a hell of a lot less money than bubba does .
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  14. TheScionicMan

    TheScionicMan Last non-Hating Stern Fan

    Everyone cuts their own deal. -Todd Clem


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