Loft Bounced For Two Weeks For Road Trip Radio

Discussion in 'Decades, Pop, Rock' started by kc1ih, May 24, 2017.

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    On SXM Channel 30 they have removed The Loft from the satellites for two weeks to put on Road Trip Radio. The Loft is running for those two weeks as internet only. A lot of people on the Facebook group for The Loft are really pissed and have been writing and calling SXM to express their displeasure with this change, and it appears from the replies people have been getting that they are making an impact.

    The Loft is really a unique channel in that it is the closest to old-style free-form radio that's out there, and it's listeners are fiercely loyal to the channel and it's DJ's. A lot of the fear seems to be that though they have promised that The Loft will return on June 5 that it will not be in the same form, that it will eventually be automated without the DJ's. I know a lot of the people here dislike having DJ's but the listeners to The Loft appreciate them.
  2. Aaron

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    I haven't listened to The Loft in a few years, but I sympathize. It's painful when one of your favorite channels is removed, even temporarily.
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    I appreciate music channels that have a lot of variety and minimal repetitiveness, but I tried the Loft a few times (way back), and it felt more like sitting through a class lecture than enjoying music. I guess that, at any given time, I'm not up for every single genre of music all at once. But, to each their own.

    That being said, I do understand the frustration of having channels get preempted. For example, the Spectrum - while not my favorite channel - is a popular choice for driving with the wife, because they play old and new stuff, and it's non-objectionable. But every weekend they either do special programming or a live festival broadcast, which makes it not useful as the Spectrum. Multiple times a year, they'll preempt both Saturday and Sunday for 2 consecutive weekends, to play raw, unedited live broadcasts from Bonaroo or Coachella or others. Even if I like the band they happen to be playing, I can't handle all the crappiness that goes along with a live broadcast.

    Why can't they tape the live concerts, edit them down, and then play it on a different channel? Or play it live on the Jam channel or something similar? The SXM management really doesn't have a clue.
  4. IndustrialH

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    There are lots of things they don't have a clue about, the more you listen the more it becomes obvious......
  5. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Should have been on channel 18.
  6. IndustrialH

    IndustrialH "So much music .... so little time..."

    18 is the Paul McCartney channel now - or at least that's what is playing every-time I pass it by. :)

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