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  1. I love Slipknot, but what the? They played them it seems 30 times today!!!! I think they fit it Amon Amarth 7 times as well (same song). This is getting really annoying and ridiculous

    Sorry got my count wrong!!!!
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  2. awfulwaffle

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    Actually most of the mainstream bands are played 7-8 times a day, usually one of their songs is repeated once and then the rest are unique. And Amon Amarth was played 1 time yesterday:

    SIRIUS Playlist Search - Sirius Satellite Radio -

    What the hell are you talking about.
  3. I could have sworn I heard it more than once, sorry.
  4. jnj86

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    I feel your pain. I love Hard Attack (sorry, I cannot use the name LM yet, I'm still grieving!), but at the same time I get really frustrated with the repeats and shallow playlists. I've emailed the DJ's about it. I've also emailed numerous song requests, from the mainstream bands played on HA as well as the hardly heard to never heard bands on HA, but get the same reply all the time about not having that song in the system. I was hoping that by merging HA and LM, we would start getting deeper playlists, but I haven't noticed any change yet.
  5. I again apologise for my awful counting, I was really busy yesterday and my treo with wm5 somehow never changed artists, so when I looked it was Amon Amarth 1/2 the day! That is why I probably goofed! (It did it today with the Symphony Hall...under the gun on a project needed calming music) But anyhow...LM, in my opinion seems fragmented, one song just does not sound right after another. It seems like per se they play Slipknot or Metallica, then they go into a really obscure (to me at least) artst which sounds like 5 people not even playing the same song. I love my metal, but maybe organize the station into something coherent.
  6. jef

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    I'm mostly liking what I hear, but yeah, song selection doesn't always seem to be smooth or flowing. Maybe growing pains? I hope so.
  7. It seems like they are trying to squeeze all the sub genres of metal in one hour.

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