Laurent Garnier on Chill-35

Discussion in 'Dance, Latin, Int'l' started by bentstrider, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. bentstrider

    bentstrider New Member

    I asked this question on SBS, and it sort of went unanswered there, so I'll try my luck here.

    The song, "The Man With The Red Face" that's played on Chill, is this a special remix exclusively for this channel?

    Or is this one actually available as some sort of B-Side?

    I listened to the version that's available on iTunes and it does not sound the same.:bigahh::bigahh:
  2. bentstrider

    bentstrider New Member

  3. bentstrider

    bentstrider New Member

    Still finding nothing anywhere, does he even make this song?
  4. danielbritt

    danielbritt New Member

    there are probably 40 remixes of that song out there, not to mention bootleg remixes that people make on the sly. maybe if you try searching for just the song and not artist you might get different hits. also try itunes UK; you may get different search results there.
  5. bentstrider

    bentstrider New Member

    I'll have to check that method out, thanks.

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