L.A. Times article Howard was talking about.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by starmate, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Not a real story per se, just a rehash of an article written about two years ago by John Mainelli. Howard addressed it on Monday and I think he was pretty much on target with his takes against the article.

    However, it does indirectly raise the question of how many listeners does Howard actually have? In amongst all of this lazy journalism, I would have to believe that Howard does at least take this much away from the article. Perhaps Howard has weighed this thought already, but doesn't care too much about the loss of listeners...he's still the big draw on satellite and that definitely counts for a lot.
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    Just another John Mainelli rehash with the same ties to terrestrial behind it. Sure his audience is lower, but the 'A' listers were never the best part of the show anyway and Chris Rock, John Favreau, Jeff Probst, Toby McGuire, etc., aren't exactly 'D' listers. As Gary pointed out, the 'A' listers weren't exactly lining up to be grilled about their sex history and perverse childhoods at FM either.

    But it really doesn't matter, because whether satellite is niche programming or not, there are 19+ million people who subscribe across the country, and if they are anything like me, they haven't listened to AM/FM for more than 10 total minutes since subscribing to sat. You only have to look at the utter collapse of CBS radio to see the impact of that.
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    Jgatie, good to see you back. But you know the 19 million figure is both XM and Sirius combined AND while I'm sure a lot of people are doing the "Best of XM" deal but not a whole lot.

    I don't doubt that this is spin created by terrestrail radio. But I do like Steve Langford being so pissed off that he thinks they should sue and that this is the worst thing to happen in journalism ever!
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    I was speaking about the threat of satellite in general, not Howard, when I said 19 million. Howard's just a part of that threat. After all, Howard's only on for 6 hours a day, but I still don't switch from Sirius to AM/FM, ever.

    As to being back, yeah it's good to see everyone starting over in good spirits and I'm glad you're here. Although I did notice that you had not one misspelling in your whole post, Vin. Are you sure you are you? :Smiley_wink:
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    Got you on the never switching to AM/FM. The only FM I hear is the staticy country station before I put in my old ass Sirius.
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    CBS and other stations are certainly feeling the decline of listenership over the airwaves, but podcasts are really making a move on the market and they are becoming the way to listen to shows on terrestrial radio.

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