Kicker, iKICK (iK500) Stereo System for iPod

Discussion in 'Apple' started by DAB, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. DAB

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    I just bought this yesterday!

    iKICK Stereo System
    for iPod Device

    Designed to be the loudest MP3 docking stations on the market, the "iKICK" lets you get more out of your MP3 player than ever before. Bass and treble adjustments allow you to enjoy your music the way you want. The big five-inch woofers, 3/4 inch tweeters and 40-watt stereo amplifiers deliver the kind of crisp, powerful sound you expect from a KICKER product. KICKER's patent-pending six-inch square reflex subwoofer delivers a dynamic bass response unmatched by other MP3 docking stations.

    Equipped for any setting, the iK500 includes a credit-card-size infrared remote, allowing you to navigate with ease through your iPod's entire menu. The innovative remote lets you adjust the iK500's bass, treble, and auxiliary-in options, as well as the iPod menu directories. Select standby mode to continue charging your iPod even when it's powered down.

    A minijack input also lets you connect additional media to the iK500, including other MP3 and compact-disc players, as well as desktop and laptop computers, or satellite radio. With adapters fit for most iPod models, the iK500 delivers a complete entertainment experience.

    Notes: This is not really what I'd call a portable boombox, because it is AC powered only, not battery power. But let me tell you this is about the best sounding iPod dock I have ever heard. This think just down right rocks and the loader your get the better it sounds. Boise can kiss my loud living ass!

    This thing sound awesome using the aux-input and listening to the Slacker G2.

    It works with all iPods including the iPod Touch 1/2 Gen. The iK500 is iPhone-compatible, but will automatically shift your player into airport mode when docked.

    The KICKER iKICK iK500 Stereo System Review



    There is also a zKicker (zK500) available for the Zune!

    If you want a boombox that gets loud with great bass, you can't go wrong with this one. I always found most other boomboxes lacking in the bass area, but not this one. Crystal clear distortion free boombox bass! I LOVE IT!
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    I see in your picture you have an iPod in the cradle. Does a G2 fit when you connect the aux in cable from the back into the headphone jack at the top? I'm looking for a unit to sit in my office that's not too messy with wires and such.


    BTW Santa let me play with my G2 before she wrapped it! Of course Xmas morning the firmware update will have to happen since it's now under the tree.
  3. DAB

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    The G2 would probably sort of sit in that cradle spot, but due to vibration from the boombox it would likely fall out. I plug my G2 into the aux-input and then just sit it on my desk.

    This boombox is really mean to be listened to loudly and bumping. I think there are many other options I would consider over this one for use at the office.

    Glad you got to play with your G2 before it got wrapped. That must have been hard to give it up. LOL

    KTMCDO Member

    how much for the zune version
  5. DAB

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    I never looked but I am sure it is the same price as the iPod verion. Which varies depending on where you buy it from $200 to $249. Well worth it in my book the sound is amazing. We used mine last night at a party I went too and man it cranked out some tunes. This thing gets loud and bumps, yet you can turn it down way low and enjoy great sound as well.

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