Kelli McCarty: Former Miss USA goes hardcore

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by hexagram, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. hexagram

    hexagram Medicinal & Recreational.

  2. almaniac27

    almaniac27 Member

    Is anyone else here totally confused by Steve the Intern right now?
  3. jef

    jef Power Pig, Hello!

    The kid is a weirdo. Who the hell really thinks those pageants mean anything?
  4. limegrass69

    limegrass69 Confused

    Another example of a worthless idiot who has all sorts of opportunity handed to them, and for whatever reason, decides to piss it all away. Nice!
  5. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    What's weird is I caught the first twenty minutes or so of this interview, and they failed to bring up her softcore work. She was on late night cable five to ten years ago in a bunch of stuff. I guess it takes away from the Miss USA --> Hardcore Porn angle.

    BTW, she was great. "Girl for Girl" is one of the best Skinemax films ever.
  6. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    this interview was pretty boring.

    why was steve the intern mad??? I still can't figure it out.
  7. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    Steve is mad that she's exploiting the great title that is "Miss USA". :rolleyes: He's a dopey kid.
  8. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member


    "Waaah, she won't f*ck me"
  9. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    I disagree. I don't know where he's coming from, but it's from some place weirder than that. :scratch:
  10. wwfmike

    wwfmike Member

    The greatest thing was when Steve was on the WrapUp show and talked about a Miss America going to his school and the whole school was excited and listened to every word she said.
  11. mrpacs

    mrpacs Well-Known Member

    Steve kept calling her MISS AMERICA when she was really MISS USA. There is a difference apparently.
  12. mrpacs

    mrpacs Well-Known Member

    Any links to video of the whooooore?
  13. Roscoe

    Roscoe New Member

    You could show movies on that forehead...
  14. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    Makes a better target for her current line of work.

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