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    It was actually so long that Customer Service wouldn't take it at first for being so long. Anyway, I was pissed about two songs I heard and the fact that the programming isn't as good as what they played on the Strobe. Heck, maybe this message is going to be too long to post, so I better stop talking. Here it is. And what do you think of the Denney Terrio show on Satruday Nights?

    I know that John Zellner nor anyone in Customer Service truly reads these but I would really appreciate it if you sent it to someone on the 80s channel, especially the programmers of the sub par 80s dance show! It would be nice if they read it, and didn't just scan for a word and send an automatic reply that we have are so used to. There are constructive criticisms and not just a plea for a station to come back.

    After last week (only the third week it was!) of the Denney Terrio 80s dance party being a repeat, I was sort of looking forward to hearing the next installment. But it was a disappointment for several reasons.

    First, it's obvious this programmer did NOT work for the Strobe. They are playing waaay too much slightly upbeat R&B. Don't get me wrong, I'm liking mixing in Pebbles and hearing a song like "There's No Stoppin Us" (Ollie and Jerrry, I believe) from the "Breakdancin" movie, but the Jacksons with "Toture" (a song which was toture followed up by Jermaine Jackson's "Let's Get Serious"....Ok, someone likes the Jacksons, but those songs aren't super definitive of 80s dance music. Michael Jackson is but he isn't even that much of a dance music artist.

    Also, two tracks you played within about ten mintues of each other had NO PLACE ON AN 80s DANCE PROGRAM. LL Cool J's "I Need Love"? What? It's a slow song...is this because he's black and you automatically assume it's "upbeat enough". If you are going to include rap, there is plenty from the 80s that is danceable (plenty of stuff from LL like "Radio" or "Around the Way Girl" might have been from the 80s). Even worse than a slow dance song (which is good for weddings....NOT A DANCE MUSIC PROGRAM) was Johnny Hates Jazz. The song "Shattered Dreams" sort of sounds like something the Pet Shop Boys or Depehce Mode would do...if they stopped carrying about writing good songs and just wanted a cute desperately. But unlike those artists who often make great dance singles, this is not dance. It's AC pop. Please NEVER PLAY IT AGAIN ON THIS STATION.

    I can think of a number of songs and artists that would make your show a lot more interesting and a whole lot more dance orientated. Just off the top of my head.

    Mainstream artists and good dance songs you don't play:
    Prince (cause he made more than the 2 albums, "Purple Rain" and "1999" and had a lot of dance hits):
    Alphabet Street
    Glam Slam
    Party Man
    Let's Work
    Dirty Mind
    Erotic City
    17 Days

    Grace Jones (sadly we never hear her anymore but she had some great tracks):pull Up To the Bumper
    Nipple To the Bottle
    Love Is the Drug
    I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You)
    Love On Top Of Love
    Slave to the Rhythm

    Donna Summer:This Time I Know It's For Real
    Unconditional Love
    Love's About To Change My Heart
    Dinner With Gershwin
    Supernatural Love

    Great dance music artists/songs that were played on the Strobe:

    Cheri-Murphy's Law

    D-train-You're The One For Me

    Lime-ANYTHING BY THEM....often played on the Strobe and had most of their hits in the 80s, many big dance songs!
    Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonite
    Angel Eyes
    Come and Get Your Love

    Stevie B: Same as Lime....many dance hits.
    Spring Love
    Party Your Body

    Amoretto-Clave Rocks
    Deodatro-Are your For Real
    I'm sure there are many others that just not registering but this is real dance music, not popular stuff that is ALREADY PLAYED on 80s on 8. If you are having a specialized program, play specialized music. Honestly, since you had to cancel the Strobe, why not come up with something if not just like it, better in that 6 or so hours (I have no idea when the show starts but I believe it ends at 4Am Eastern....why can't you change the 80s on 8 website while you're at it!).

    Frankly, if this sounds like a bit much...you can always bring back the Strobe (or Chrome or rename it but make it classic dance, not just R&B) which played all types of classic dance music and didn't find it so difficult to make these distinctions! Thank you.

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