John the Stutterer Vs. Scott "Family Man" DePace

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Ifandorbut, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Ifandorbut

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    One of the highlights from the 10/27/08 show was that of John the Stutterer going toe to toe with Scott DePace about everything from arguing Obama/McCain to paying whores for sex/paying strippers to show their boobies. In any case, one of the parts to that yell fest that I found especially entertaining was when John kept referring to Scott as a "family man". Of course the only reason he called him that was to point out the hypocrisy of a family man paying to watch strippers take off their clothes. But again, in any case, it reminded me of the classic Henry Rollins (Black Flag) song of the same name.

    For those of you not familiar with Henry or his music/spoken word intensity, here's a two minute clip of one of his funniest poems, "Family Man".

    For Scott DePace...

    [ame=]YouTube - "Family Man" by Henry Rollins[/ame]
  2. jef

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    I just saw him again this Sunday night, and man, he hasn't looked like that for years. The aging alternative icon is still a pretty incredible speaker, though. :)
  3. ldivinag

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    JtS believes everyone is black or white. no middle ground.

    that's horse shit.

    what's his job again? something like riley...
  4. ClubSteeler

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    He lives on government assistance, yet he pays a whore $200 for her to let him mix her salad.

    That is "spreading the wealth" at its finest :rolleyes:
  5. Bark

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    Scott won the debate when JtS said he liked California Snowballs. That's an automatic disqualification. :twitch:
  6. Jgatie

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    I once had it explained to me that although everyone knows no one is perfect; some take it as a caution, while others use it as an excuse.

    Debate over, right there!
  7. Neigh

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    Scott DePace just parrots the bullshit that is spread on these Right Wing internet blogs

    1. He erroneously stated that 40% of JTS's meagre estate will go to Uncle Sam in estate taxes. That tax does not kick in until the estate reaches $2,000,000.
    2. He concentrated more on JTS's situation than the national situation. Over and over again he ridiculed JTS for taking disability payments. What is his point... that no one should get disability? that JTS is not disabled? How the hell does he know, is he a doctor? And what does it have to do with our national financial 10 billion a month in Iraq for a war based on a mistake?
    3. Did he go into the "spread the wealth" theme? A graduated income tax is a form of spreading the wealth and has been for many many years.
    4. Did he say he believes in stem cell research but it that the government should not get involved because it is anti-capitalistic? That is not the reason Bush blocked stem cell research or blocked the morning after pill for so long after it was legalized. Bush is a Jesus freak and he has tried to lay his beliefs on the non-freaks.

    Every time DePace starts spouting the stuff someone else told him, Robin and Howard's rebuttles are often mixed with incorrect information. Fred... for God's sakes. .. take over over when they go off the deep end.
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  8. MAJ Badmotherfarker

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    Both Howard and Robin are political retards. They're as bad as people like DePace when it comes to having false information.
  9. GoodDog

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    Nope. Scott DePace just parrots the bullshit that is spread by himself.

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