Ipod and books on cd??

Discussion in 'Other MP3 Players' started by TOM C., Dec 28, 2008.

  1. TOM C.

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    I listen to tons of books on cd. I get them from the library and download them to my Zune now Ipod. Its just easier that way, then I delete after I'm done so don't get mad. I would like to use Ipods audio book section on my unit put not sure how to make content go there? any help
  2. DAB

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    Where are you getting these Audio books?

    The iPod support Podcast or Audiobooks, which are generally saved with the extension.m4b, which when dropped into iTunes will know it is an audio book.

    I have purchased books from Audible and of course it lets you download them either for WMP or iPod's.
  3. TOM C.

    TOM C. Member

    "I get them from the library"The audible book I got worked fine, these are "CD's", They go into "music" and get lost(not really), do you know if I can tell it to go into "audiobooks"
  4. DAB

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    So you insert the CD into your CD drive and then what rip it to iTunes? I'd need to know more about what you are doing to get it into iTunes? You'd need to save it in the correct format in order for iTunes to put it in the Audiobooks folder.

    Here you go, here is basically a step by step method for you. I've never done this, so I don't know how well it works, but seems like a lot of stuff to go through!

    How to Import Audio CD audiobooks into iTunes
  5. TOM C.

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    The same as your cd collection, you burn them to a file then Itunes finds for you. Its automatic on my computer, even ejects when done. Guess that not the best way??
  6. TOM C.

    TOM C. Member

    So you insert the CD into your CD drive and then what rip it to iTunes?

    That how I have done all my content. Zune, Ipod, and Windows, all have just found my music in the computer files. Itunes had to "convert" to some other format, but did it automatically
  7. ctkatz

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    actually, you can do this with mp3 files through itunes without going through a messy conversion process.

    1. highlight all of the mp3 files that are your audiobooks.
    2. right-click, select "get info".
    3. under options, go to media info and select audiobook and save.

    itunes will then put the audiobook tag on those files and they will show up in the audiobook section and function like an m4b file.

    unfortunately, i don't think there is a way to do this with podcasts. there isn't a podcast section file type selection, and i download my podcasts with another program.
  8. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    The problem with that is sometimes these CD may have 40 files and you end up copying all those to itunes and eventually the iPod with an audiobook extension. To me that makes a much bigger mess to deal with. I much prefer the conversion cause you end up with a single file.
  9. TOM C.

    TOM C. Member

    Tried this a couple days ago, big mess. It put them in order of track #'s. So all #1's were grouped together and so on. not by book name.
  10. Jon

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    Most of the time it recognizes that it is a podcast (an Audio RSS file for lack of a better term) and downloads it straight to the podcasts section, I've never had it happen that it didn't.
  11. ctkatz

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    in that case, check and see if the album field is filled in for those files. i make sure that all of my stuff is pretagged with author, title, and album fields before i put that stuff on my player.

    if all else fails, put your stuff on your player and just edit the tags of the files on the player instead of your hard drive then set the files as audiobooks.

    edit: i just thought of this because this just happened to me recently- check your "disc" field under all of your files. for some reason the sort priority has "disc" over track number or album title.
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  12. TOM C.

    TOM C. Member

    work fine in music, books show up as albums, I just would like them somewhere else due to the fact that I have large library of music, but usually only have 2 or 3 books at one time. If I dock the unit i have to click through and fast fw sometimes to get back to the last point, sometimes 1 track is 45min, Its not a big thing, but talking maybe 5 mins extra
  13. Free program called MP3 to Ipod Audiobook Converter will do it for you and put it in the proper format. I use it all the time and it works great.
  14. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Great info Jason! Thanks....

    Here is a link to the program; MP3 to iPod Audiobook Converter

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