Installing MicroSDHC Card in Stiletto 2

Discussion in 'Sirius Portables' started by lominer, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. lominer

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    I picked up an 8 GB SanDisk microSDHC card today at my local Staples outlet for $19.99. Before installing it into my Stiletto 2, is there anything I need to do? i.e format the card? Or will the Stiletto recognize the card right out of the box? Any good counsel that would steer me clear of any snares, by those who have already done this upgrade would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. lominer

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    So, I presume that I'll have to pick-up some kind of adapter to get the microSD card plugged into my PC? Never having done this before, I'm not sure of the procedure. Once the card is plugged into the PC, does it show up under "My Computer" as a drive or storage location? Then I would click on that item and choose format?
  4. hexagram

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    Yeah, if you don't have a slot for it on the PC, you will need an adapter.

    ... and yes, it will show up in your My Computer as a storage location.
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    My microSD card came with a USB adapter. I use that.

    Here are some pointers:

    Be sure and do a full shutdown before you install the card.
    If you are not planning on doing playlists, load the card via your computer.
    When removing the card to add more songs, restart your SL2 without the card to allow it to clear its cache of indexes. This should only take 2-5 minutes.
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    Wasn't there a Knowledge Base or something on the old SBS forums for the Stiletto 2?

    That thread had a wealth of information.
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    These are excellent points and important to follow to ensure you have a smooth transition when adding your new memory.
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