i'd very much appreciate your help


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Oct 11, 2008
land of confusion
i have my confirmation tones set to go off whenever I get a artist/song alert. well this morning i get an alert for the artist, the roadhouse with the song title called the roadhouse. I was pretty darn sure I didn't have anything like that stored on my memo feature, but to humor myself i went through the list and check and just as i thought, there was no such artist/song stored in my memory feature.

i called sirius and was basically told to do a factory restore as it was a hardware issue. sure its possibly a quick fix, but i am not willing to do that just yet.

so I am asking for your help to check and see if you guys are having the same issue, because if you are i want to document that its just not my receiver and send all this in a email to sirius so they can try and correct the problem.

thank you for your time and appreciate all who are willing to help me on this.



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Oct 13, 2008
Portland, Or
This has happened to me with a Starmate Replay a few times, and a friend it happened to as well. Get an alert for an arist and song I've never even heard of. A strange glitch is what we chalked it up to. Rarely occurs.


Mar 1, 2009
Yankton, SD
I have all 30 spaces of my alert memory filled and have minor issues quite often. I will be alerted when R.E.M. is on, but not when REM is playing. I will know when The Beatles are coming up, but not when "Beatles" are on.
Also, I have found that if I add a song to the memory when listening to a decades channel that embeds the year the song came out , it will not always come up when it is played on another channel. ie.."it's the end of the World as we know it -'87" vs. "It's the end of the World as we know it."