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    Introducing the Rhapsody Ibiza: Made by Haier America

    2.5-inch QVGA display with 320x240 resolution
    Internal, nonremovable 3.7 Li Polymer battery
    1.8-inch HDD (30GB)
    Supports A2DP/AVRCP stereo Bluetooth
    Dual ports: USB 2.0 High Speed mini-B and proprietary connector
    Package includes noise-isolation earphones, AC charger/adapter, USB cable

    The 30GB will come in five colors--White Sand, Volcanic Black, Ocean Blue, Flamingo Pink, and Silver Moon--and the flash versions, 4GB and 8GB capacities, will offer a choice of five: Volcanic Black, Ocean Blue, Flamingo Pink, Aqua Breeze, and Purple Sunset.

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    I considered one of these when I was forced over to Rhapsody from Yahoo. I had the Sansa Connect for Yahoo which allowed me to stream all the Lunchcast Channels. It was very nice, but like the Ibiza Rhapsody its main shortcoming is that when you don't have access to Wifi, you have no acess to stream the music channels. Unlike Slacker it doesn't allow you to download the channels to the device for playback when you don't have Wifi access.

    This unit does support video and you can of course use it like any other MP3 Player.

    If you have one of these devices, feel free to jump in and discuss it!
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    Looks and sounds like it's very uninspired to me.
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    Actually, you're wrong. You can download channels without a wifi connection. I've got numerous channels stored on my device that I can listen to at any time.
  4. DAB

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    If you own one of thse why don't you give us a review or at least run down. Every article I read on this device didn't say you could save the stations to the device. Strange that they would not mention that.

    You are in a much better position to tell us all about the device, so go for it. This is your time to make this device shine.
  5. Rhapsody, and Real networks is a buzz kill. What more can I say.
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    Well that is my feeling exactly. Like I said in my original post on this topic, I was basically forced to transfer my Yahoo account over to Rhapsody or loose my one free bonus year. Many on the web call it Crapsody (LOL). I've said this many times in other threads over on SBS, but I freaking HATE Real Networks. Their software is bloated, eats up resources like crazy and don't work well period.

    Anyway I wanted to make this thread for those that may have this device for good or bad. :)
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    So, nice of you to ask for a review on a service that your slamming! But, for kicks here it is. The player comes in three different memory sizes a 4 gb flash drive, 8 gb flash and a 30 gb hard drive model. I have the 8 gb flash so, I can’t say much about the 30 gb hard drive model. Although, I have heard that the Wi-Fi reception on the 30 gb version is weaker due to the model having a metal casing.

    Of course the primary feature of this devise is music via Rhapsody. However, it does have some other features as well that I’ll touch on later. When it comes to listening to music there are two basic ways you are able to do this. The best way is when you have a Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to listen to virtually everything that is in Rhapsody’s library. You can pull up artists, albums or specific tracks. Or you can stream one of the numerous rhapsody channels or a custom channel that you’ve made yourself. This devise also, allows you to store artists, albums, tracks or channels on its memory so, you can listen to them when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. I've had zero issues streaming channels or downloading content with the ibiza rhapsody. It's worked flawlessly every time.

    There are some other features that compliment its Wi-Fi capabilities. For instance, you can subscribe to podcasts and it automatically updates the podcasts with current episodes without having to connect to a computer. You can also access AOL videos or Flickr photos wirelessly. It also, has a limited internet browser that allows you basic internet access. Overall, I love the devise but, it’s all according to how you feel about a subscription based service. For me I think the fee is nominal for what Rhapsody offers in return.
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    Thanks for the review. I am so sorry that I have an opinion on the Rhapsody service for which I am an active subscriber. Perhaps to make you happy I should have just lied and said how wonderful it is.

    Anyway... I created this topic so that folks such as yourself could praise and/or critique the service. It is good to know the Ibiza does actually store the stations for later playback when you don't have Wifi. This is clearly a feature that many reviews didn't mention at all. This is why I assumed you could not. I may have actually gave it more consideration.
  9. I remember in the past when I tried to ban certain songs on the channels. Apparently real does not know how to actually ban them. Cause the frickin songs would keep streaming on my account. Anyway I don't want to get started on this. Cause then my user name may become ironic. Big real brother has his eye on you.

    If others enjoy the service then so be it. Please yourself. What others think does not matter. I would guess this topic won't generate much traffic. Due to the fact it is"real" based, and that subscription service is headed downward.
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