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Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by jamesp717, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. jamesp717

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    But I think I am going out and buying a copy of Rolling Stone. The more I hear about this article the more I want to read it for myself. :crazy:
  2. Forevernever

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    This one's better:

    Artie Lange: The Story Behind the Story : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

    “This is the whole problem with Artie: He’s a crazy attention-seeker,” Grigoriadis observes. “He wants the attention. It’s like a huge daddy complex with Howard Stern. He wants to be bad and good and have Stern make fun of him and also care about him.”

    She destroys him, and his retort is to call her a "cunt" and feign offense at her description of his Italian heritage (which he himself uses for a lot of his comedy). He just can't handle life when its not filtered through the Howard Stern Show. He's mad that a smart "broad" who wouldn't sleep with him saw right through his schtick. Its why he hangs out with whores, strippers, and Jersey shore trash - they're easier to fool.

    Looks like SFN found the article's comments page. They are equally brutal.
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  3. Jgatie

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    Make sure you laminate it before you read it, you don't want it all splotchy, with the pages stuck together.
  4. jamesp717

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    Hey Now

    Thanks, I think you just saved me from buying a copy of Rolling Stone.

    She really nailed him, brutal but right on the money. Attention Seeker, Mommy's Boy, Daddy Complex, Angry, Bitter and Depressed. I really feel sorry for this guy, he is a character in his own Greek Tragedy. :eek:mfg:

    I mean how much self respect do you have if a) you let someone take that picture of you b) you let someone take that picture of you knowing it could wind up on the cover of a national magazine. That boy needs intervention soon, before he a) explodes out of his skin b) needs a crane to get out of that chair. :shock:

    I mean how lame can you be, Mommy furnished his home. :eek:mfg:
  5. Forevernever

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    The best line from that article is when she calls Artie on his bullshit stories:

    “You’d expect that someone like him, when they’re out on the road, after the show is like ‘Right on’ and runs around and gets totally wasted and picks up some hooker,†Grigoriadis says. “But what really goes on is that he goes back to his hotel room, gets high and hangs out by himself and stays up all night."
  6. Ifandorbut

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    I thought a basic cable television show decorated his home?
  7. jamesp717

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    Hey Now

    Nah that was his "Man Cave" before he had it redone with wheat grass. :eek:mfg:

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