I just got an email stating Tony & 3 others has been added to the shootout?

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by mccastle, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. mccastle

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    Nothing on Jayski or a few other places I checked that are not blocked at work. Can anyone find anything about it?
  2. Snoozer

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    It's on the main NASCAR page. I don't have time to read it now.
    They might as well just let the whole field run now. I feel bad for the few guys who got a pole last year but aren't running in it now.
  3. mccastle

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    Damn work for blocking nascar.com!
  4. MichaelC

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    It's true.....

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Jan. 16, 2009) – NASCAR announced Friday a revision to the 2009 Budweiser Shootout at Daytona format that provides each manufacturer with a ‘wild card’ entry, increasing the size of the field from 24 to 28 cars, highlighting the manufacturers’ involvement in NASCAR, and featuring more drivers for fans to support.
    The 31st annual season-opening event at Daytona International Speedway will be held on Saturday night, Feb. 7. As was announced last August, the lineup will consist of the top six teams from each manufacturer, based on the final 2008 car owner points. Eligibility is based on owners competing in this event with the same manufacturer as 2008. The new wrinkle calls for each manufacturer to be able to enter a seventh car, or “wild card” entry, based on the following criteria:
    • Any owner outside of the top six in year end 2008 owners’ points whose driver is a past NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion that attempted to qualify for all of the 2008 events (only one position will be filled per manufacturer and will be based on the most recent past champion per manufacturer).
    • If an owner/manufacturer does not have a past champion driver, the next highest eligible owner outside the top six in year end 2008 owners’ points from each manufacturer will be eligible to compete in the event.
    As previously announced, the race distance will be increased from 70 laps to 75 (187.5 miles) on the 2.5-mile tri-oval. The race will have two segments of 25 and 50 laps. Both green- and yellow-flag laps will count.
    Between segments, there will be a 10-minute pit stop at which time teams will pit and may elect to change tires, add fuel and make normal chassis adjustments. Crews will be permitted to work on cars and will be allowed to perform functions they would do on a normal pit stop in a regular NASCAR Sprint Cup event. All work must be performed on pit road or in the garage. Changing of springs, shock absorbers or rear-ends will not be permitted.

    2009 Budweiser Shootout At Daytona Format

    Starting positions will again be determined by a blind draw, at the annual Budweiser Shootout Draw Party on Thursday night, Feb. 5, on the SPEED stage in the Midway, outside Turn 4.
    The Budweiser Shootout – a “non-points” event for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series competitors – was first held in 1979, and originally known as the Busch Clash. Dale Earnhardt Jr. won last year’s event.
    As of today, cars eligible to compete in the 2009 Budweiser Shootout at Daytona would be as follows (using 2008 car numbers):

    Chevrolet: Dodge: Toyota: Ford:

    48 9 11 99

    29 12 20 16

    07 2 18 17

    31 43 83 6

    24 19 44 26

    88 7 55 28


    70* 10** 22** 38**

    * past champion (Tony Stewart)
    ** based on seventh highest finishing position in 2008 owners’ points
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  5. dpkimmel2001

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    I agree with what you're saying! I don't care what anyone says, I think Nemechek & Menard were screwed.
  6. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    They were screwed.
    The way it's set up now it's just an exibition race of the stars of NASCAR. You think the top 24 drivers change very much year to year? 90% of the time you'll have the same drivers in the shoot out now.
    I know it was like that with the other rules but at least the little guy had a chance to get in. Now he's screwed.
  7. DexterMorgan

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    A shootout race that has Scott Speed in it, and not Mark Martin (a former winner I might add) is a complete and utter joke. Why not let the whole feild run now?
  8. Sirius01_8

    Sirius01_8 Member

    I didn't see number 82 on that list, but I may have missed it, but how is Robby Gordon listed in a Dodge, when he is running Toyotas this year?
  9. SubmarineMike

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    Dodge and Toyota bought off on him running the #7 jim Beam dodge in teh shootout then a toyota the rest of speed weeks.
  10. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    And the crazy crap just keeps coming!
  11. Sirius01_8

    Sirius01_8 Member

    very interesting. . .

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