Hulu Confirms Live Tv Service In 2017


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Dec 16, 2008
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Hulu confirms plan to stream live TV next year | The Verge

They are essentially going the direction of Sling TV (which I've been eyeballing, but might not when this comes to fruition).

From the article:

Starting next year, Hulu won't just be the place you go to watch day-old TV shows — it'll also be the place you go to see them airing live. Hulu announced this morning that it's going to begin offering subscribers the ability to stream "live programming from broadcast and cable brands" in 2017. That'll include "live sports, news, and events," Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said. Hulu's subscribers won't be required to have a traditional cable TV subscription in order to watch.
*emphasis mine*

Considering this is a company that is owned in part by Comcast, this is a bold move.