Howard Stern says He's not going anywhere?


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Oct 7, 2008
If you pay attention to the Howard 100 News briefs you may have heard a story Lisa G did about Howard potentially re-signing. It couldn’t be more speculative but the story in itself made headlines within the Radio News community like a story from Inside Radio from Thursday Oct 22, 2009. The Howard 100 News caught Howard Stern saying “I’ll probably be doing it for a while — I’m sticking around.” Of course this is good news to his audience. The story and his quote was then later brought up to him on his show and he then clarified he simply meant he will honor his current contract.

The story shines light on something much of the Satellite Radio industry is focused on. What happens when Howard Stern leaves? Certainly it’s not easy to find out when that will happen with no official answer. But his quote and tone in his voice during the Howard 100 News clip says otherwise.

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Oct 19, 2008
I can appreciate the note-worthiness of this story.

I genuinely hope Sirius|XM promotes Stern's decision and obtains more subscribers because of it.

This is good news for the SatRad community regardless of one's personal feelings towards Stern.


Molon Labe!
Oct 16, 2008
Western, PA
This is a very vague statement made by a three glass of wine having Howard.

It could mean that:

1. He's not GOING to terrestrial
2. He's not re-signing with Sirius
3. He's resigning with Sirius
4. He's already RE signed with Sirius.


Green Type of Tube
Oct 11, 2008
just like all his other contracts, we'll find out at the last minute. and just like all his other contracts you can't believe what he says either way until you get an official announcement!

I remember back in the '90s I got bummed because I got hooked on the show but all Howard talked about was how much he hated work and so badly wanted to retire at the end of his contract. One day it'll happen for real though...