How many of you miss the punk channel?

Discussion in 'Decades, Pop, Rock' started by hank-the-dwarf, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. hank-the-dwarf

    hank-the-dwarf Well-Known Member

    Are they gonna bring it back?
  2. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Ac/Dc Radio is apperently only a short term event, but who knows, maybe they'll wait to bring it back after they've merged the music channels. So we'll either get one version of it or the other.
  3. DoublEE

    DoublEE Active Member

    I miss it and I fail to understand the logic of putting AC/DC on the Punk channel. Why not Classic Rewind or about two other more appropriate picks.
  4. hank-the-dwarf

    hank-the-dwarf Well-Known Member

    I know they also still play it on buzzsaw-check out the punk on pandora in the meantime-u can tweak it how u want-just hope they dont do what they did with the bridge-xm's punk is gone also
  5. MM

    MM Administrator

    AC/DC will be there until January 2009.

    The Punk station from XM is gone, too.
  6. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Thats why i was hoping that when January comes around, they'll put punk back on both services. either under Fungus's name or Sirius Punks name. Or maybe they'll just make the channel disappear completely. :(
  7. MM

    MM Administrator

    There still is no word if they'll be back. I did see a petition somewhere to save the channels.
  8. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Yeah. I'm not holding my breathe. Ah well. One can dream.
  9. jef

    jef Power Pig, Hello!

    Don't forget to send an email or 2. It does seem that someone does read them, even if things don't go your way. Not hearing anything just helps them to decide they did the right thing.
  10. BeyEhmVey

    BeyEhmVey New Member

    I miss the punk channel, too. It was my goto station when Hardatak was playing something crappy. Now it's Buzzsaw.
  11. flowerfeeder

    flowerfeeder Member

    I do!

    It was the only other channel outside of Howard 100 I would listen to.
  12. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    I feel bad for you "Punk" fans. However, as an avid AC/DC fan, I am extremely thrilled that, with other bands and singers getting their own channels, AC/DC got theirs too. Now generally speaking, I question the logic of 24/7 band/singer channels. However, they are there, so I'm glad AC/DC got one of it's own.

    I'm sure it'll be back in January. After all, they haven't changed the name of the channel.

    *Sirius subscriber. I can't speak about XM's programming.
  13. minival

    minival New Member

    I miss the punk channel!
  14. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    I don't. And with the upcoming channel merger, if other channels die, I hope this one remains on the scrapheap in favour of perhaps one I listen to that has been canned.
  15. roscoryan

    roscoryan DRC Graphics Guru

    And when my love (minival) is missing her Punk channels, I'm not a happy guy... :bigcry:
  16. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    I used to listen to:

    Hee-Haw Hell - Airtime devoted to rockabilly and cowpunk music.
  17. I miss it, they did play some good tracks!!!
  18. ykw

    ykw New Member

    Fungus had some of the best specialty shows of any satrad station, past or present, Sirius or XM. Aside from the inustrial show (that was always grossly misplaced on Fungus), there wasn't one that I would miss if I could possibly manage.

    I'm still holding out some hope that a punk station will return in January, and that the still-employed Lou Brutus will be back in the saddle again. But the one thing I'm not holding is my breath.
  19. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    Its already confirmed that this is not going to happen. Boneyard will return in place of AC/DC in January.
  20. Master Fasmo

    Master Fasmo Member

    I miss hearing NOFX on the radio.

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