How long does the battery last?


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Oct 12, 2008
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How long does the battery in the iphone last, in terms of charge/discharge cycles I mean. Have any of you had to replace your battery yet? Is it easy to change it out yourself?

I did change the hard drive in an ipod once, it wasn't really that hard. Just had to be carefull to not scratch the case.

Oh, and another question. Does it charge while your using it when plugged in. Like streaming or using the ipod function, does it charge up or does it stay where it's at? My iPod gains charge at about he the same rate whether I'm using it or not.
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Oct 9, 2008
How long the battery last varies from person to person. I can use my iPhone all day long and usually still have over 60% of the battery life left and this is was a lot of texting, email and at least a couple of hours of phone calls. Not to mention reading news, surfing a bit with Safari. I've also been turning the display on a good bit as I've been checking signal strength in the various locations I've been traveling.

If you play games or have graphic intensive programs or watch a lot of videos you could expect shorter battery life. Also what features you leave enabled impact your battery life such as Wifi, Auto login and searching for Wifi access, Push email, Push notification to name a few.

To answer your question on charging, YES if you have the iPhone plugged in via USB computer or AC power it will charge while using it. I find the iPhone charges pretty quickly.

The main thing in my opinion is to drain your battery a couple of times when you first get it and charge it up fully. Apple suggest doing this at least once a month. Also never, NEVER leave your phone inside a hot car for hours and hours, this goes for the iPod Touch as well. Heat is a big battery killer.

Also the battery is not user replaceable by ones self, though I guess if you wanted to brave it, but you'd void the warranty. If your battery fails it is covered by the original one year warranty and you can buy an additional year of warranty which includes support. Support is normally only for the first 90 days.