How does Ala Carte Work?

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  1. Ala Carte for Sirrius starts at $6.99 in which you get 50 channels. It says the Play by Play Sports count as 25 channels. Its a little confusing because could you chose the Play by Sports which counts as 25 channels and then pick 25 other channels. Or do you have $11.95 package which is the Ala Carte + Sports. I am interested in how this Ala Carte package works exactly.
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    A la carte deosn't work... yet...

    When it does, you pick 50 of the channels that are available a la carte, which is most of the music and talk. You can not pick "premium," channels such as Howard or Sports play by play without adding on the premium package.

    In other words:
    If you want sports play by play or Howard, you'll pay full price.

    If you only want music and a little news/talk, you can get that for $6.99.
  3. syphix

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    Why wouldn't a la carte work?? The Starmate 5 is available for sale, and supports a la carte programming.

    NOTE: it's the only available radio on either system that supports a la carte.
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    According to the web site, you need an "a la carte" radio which looks like it may only be the Starmate 5 as of right now.
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  5. ClubSteeler

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    The radio is a la carte capable, but I don't believe the web site or the service is yet capable of allowing you to select your 50 channels online. I could be wrong, but they officially have until March to implement a la carte.
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    So would Sirius stars and The Foxxhole be considered premium channels?
  7. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    I believe you can't do it online yet but you can do it via calling a CSR.

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