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Discussion in 'DRC Site Feedback' started by limegrass69, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. limegrass69

    limegrass69 Confused

    Is it me, or is the home page is looking a little bare?? Maybe it could get a little content. Someone who comes here for the first time might think that there's nothing going on around here. Just my $0.02.
  2. dlynx

    dlynx New Member

    your right :)

    Will work on getting something back there. The items on it are set to automatically expire which is why it's blank right now. :(
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  3. xan_user

    xan_user Banned

    There's a DRC homepage?

  4. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member

    Any possible way to not include ignored forums in the new posts on the home page? I get all Howard Stern Forum posts even though it's being ignored in my User CP.
  5. xan_user

    xan_user Banned

  6. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member

  7. xan_user

    xan_user Banned

    even with auot logon?

    works for me...FF 3.0.7
  8. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member

    Yep. I still have the Stern forum, and the political forum, both of which I have on ignore. :idunno:
  9. Sirius Rich

    Sirius Rich New Member

    I would not ignore the Stern Forum, you might learn something.;)
  10. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Unlike the Political Forum! :eek:
  11. RoadRunner

    RoadRunner New Member

    I suppose there's a first time for everything...:crazy:
  12. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member

    I've learned plenty about why I don't listen to Stern.
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  13. xan_user

    xan_user Banned

    Every few years I have to tune in and remind myself what a wasteland shock jockery is. It usually takes 10 minutes or less to remind me, how long did it take you?
  14. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member

    Actually, one day I was playing around on Shoutcast radio. Just for giggles I looked up some famous names to see if they were on there, lo and behold there was Howard Stern on Howard 100. I decided to tune in to see what if anything I'd been missing out on all these years. As I found out, not much. :blah: About 5 minutes give or take, would've probably been longer, but Roseanne happened to be on that show. That's all I needed to hear. :right:

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