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Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by Superman07, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Superman07

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    I've got a question on the holiday packages.

    If you log on over at you can get the Starmate 4 with Vehicle and Home Kits and save $85 if you add 3 months subscription to the cart as well. You can also get a Starmate 4 with Vehicle and Home Kits and $55 pre-paid card, but that costs more.

    By adding the 3 months ($38.85) that works out to a regular subscription. I called and was told the system wasn't linked, so while you'd initially see it show as $53.85 you'd actually see it show up as $35.97 (additional unit price of $6.99/mo and $15 activation).

    Can anybody confirm this or do I need to go the $55 card route if I'm looking to add another radio?
  2. Superman07

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    Well, I answered my own question. I figured it didn't really matter and if I payed a little extra it would just help the company (which it probably needs right now).

    Anyway, when you first add the item to your cart is lists the 3/mo as $38.85, however a couple steps later in the checkout process the price is reduced to reflect 3/mo as a second unit ($20.97) once it determines you are already a member.

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