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  1. geosync

    geosync Well-Known Member

    Must have heard Nina Nine's weeknight shift earlier last week play Outkasts, the art of storytellin pt2, then she says she can't not play pt. 4, then does so. It must have been last Monday, and again this Monday, a repeat of her shift. I hear pt.2 playing, and I figure, wow they really got that one in rotation, nope. Same piece of tape from the week before. It ran about 5:30 pacific, pretty much prime time evening listening time. XM used to do this all the time, and since HHN is an XM channel now, I was expecting it.
  2. GordyMac

    GordyMac Member

    I am finding that channel getting closer and closer to not being listenable.. I find there is a lot of junk and reruns on it lately...
  3. geosync

    geosync Well-Known Member

    XM did it all the time. Sirius did it too on some DJ shows, if someone couldn't do the show live, they might run a show from a few weeks/months ago. But XM it seemed would run their primetime shows as reruns, the very next week, at the very same time. Very frustrating. Just run a block of pre-programmed songs! How long would that take to put together?
  4. buckeye96

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    That would take fore-thought and understanding of your media and listeners...........

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