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Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by Easy Money, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    If there are none, tell the drivers to stop crying because his "teammate" did not let him win!:bigcry: Hornady is mad because Newman didn't give it to him and said Kevin would have let him win had he been driving, Kevin says no I wouldn't. Im sure it happens, but for god sakes dont get on tv and radio and cry about it and then when a fan brings it up act like he/she has lost their minds! Do away with multi-car teams:ignore: and you will see better racing than any point system, rules, or new cars will ever bring! Of course, that will never happen, but it would be great!
  2. mghtx

    mghtx 2000 Man

    Man, I really like some of the things Dale Jr.'s been saying lately. And I hope, since nascar don't seem to listen to the fans, they'll listen to Jr.
  3. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    Yep, me too.
  4. Les2

    Les2 Member

    I heard Delana Harvick on one of the shows last week and she was saying basically the reason KH was driving the truck instead of RN was due to KH following team orders.

    That would have been pretty crappy if KH let ron win just to win the title! Sorry but to me that isn't racing!
  5. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Well-Known Member

    I heard her say the reason that the reason he was driving was because he drives for free! :D
  6. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    I dont think any of us are silly enough to believe it never happens, but for god sakes dont talk about it and then have all the hosts tell us we're crazy for thinking it might happen at times.:bigahh:
  7. Cementups

    Cementups Member

    I am sure that is Johnson is in a position to lose the Championship because he needs to finish one spot further back, you will Jeff fade back and finish behind him just so JJ can win the Championship.
  8. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Well-Known Member

    I'd certainly agree with that. They'd probably have Earnhardt or Mears do the same.
  9. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    I agree too, but it would still suck!
  10. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    Yup they'd do that I'm sure. But I agree it wouldn't be cool.

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