Hardwiring Power to Fuse Box


Oct 13, 2008
I would like to Hardwire my Sirius radio (Sportster 3) to my Explorer's Fuse Box. I've seen the Vehicle Power Hardwire Kit on TSS but that seems if I want to tap into one of the wires of my car which I really would not like to do (have had some wiring issues before)

Has anyone tapped a fuse box to run their Sirius Radio? If so how and what products did you purchase?

Thanks in advance!



Oct 13, 2008
Southern Louisiana
I went to Advance Auto and bought one of these:

Than plugged into a fuse slot that was switched on and off with the ignition. It is called an add a circuit, you will have to get the mini add a circuit for your application.

Than connect it to one of these:

I bought this from Advance Auto as well. Connect to hot wire to the add a circuit and ground the neutral wire somewhere and you are good to go. Just plug your radio into there. I am sorry for the sloppy post but I am in a hurry ATM. It cost me maybe $15 and 2 hours to do.