Hardwire without dock?


Oct 27, 2008
Is it possible to hardwire a PnP unit without the dock? I'd really like something with more functionality than just a receiver, but I'd also like something hidden. In order to do so I'd need to get a small unit (e.g Stratus, Stratus 4) and make modifications to make it fit where I need it.

Is there a pin diagram for the universal dock to aid in this?


New Member
Dec 24, 2008
Central NC
Something with more functionality that just a receiver? I don't follow that. PnP units are *just* receivers.

You can certainly hide a dock anywhere you want. I did it with my Toyota 4Runner. Got the Sirius Toyota interface (for my factory JBL nav system/radio) and the dock that works with it (SVCDOC1) for my Sportster 4. The only part of my install that you see is the antenna on the roof. The 4Runner has 2 glove boxes, one is hidden in the upper part of the main glove box. I put my receiver in there - the translator got hidden in the dash with a few of the truck's computers (ECM, HVAC and 4WD controllers). It looks like I have a Sirius tuner factory built in when using the radio, but I can still pop out the Sportster 4 for use in my Tundra, boat, house and shop. That's the whole idea behond PnP units, using them in more than one place.