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  1. It would be nice if we got some confirmation soon, but Clear Channel doesn't like to tell anyone anything it seems. Come 2009, CC's Premiere Radio will assume responsibility for Sean Hannity's show for all non-Citadel stations, which Sirius and XM fall into. I'd just like to know whether or not they'll continue to syndicate Hannity to satellite at all and keep him off like Limbaugh, or if they'll pull him into CC's XM bandwidth and throw him on something like Talk Radio 165 (the most likely candidate), in which case he'd be gone from just Sirius.

    "I'm a huge Sean Hannity fan." -Mel Karmazin
  2. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Well I am sorry to hear that you are one of his brain washed fans. But I hope and pray to sweet Jesus that they take him off sat radio and it would be better it they took him off radio period. The man is a total lunatic!
  3. digital100

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    I do not care for the opinions of Bill Press or Alan Colmes, but I do not want them taken off the radio. That is the difference between the left and the right.
  4. almaniac27

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    I love broad generalizations! I don't care for Sean either, but I don't care if he's on the radio. He's a tool, but a popular tool who probably has attracted some subscribers to Sirius and XM for being on there.
  5. TX WJ

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    I don't like Hnannity either but unlike my friends on the left I don't want to silence him. I know how to change the channel.
  6. VinnyM27

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    I don't see how he can attract listeners, even if his show is popular (which I believe is a myth)...you go to figure he is on just about EVERY American radio station there is (probably in some areas, you can hear his show on two stations at once). It's not a draw unless it is exclusive, IMHO.

    Personally I would like to see them get rid of most non-exclusive that are over saturated on AM radio because it's money that can be spent on music stations, which are a bigger draw than most talk shows. that being said, I don't want to lose my mere hour of Stephanie Miller!
  7. almaniac27

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    That philosophy is why we have Alex Bennett, Lynn Samuels and the borefest Mark Thompson. I don't think that those guys convince anybody to subscribe to Sirius. Live Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes would. Exclusive only works when it's a big name like Howard Stern, not some radio shows nobody outside of New York has heard of.
  8. ctkatz

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    i don't particularly care for howard stern or bubba the love sponge, but howard nor bubba are known disseminators of lies, smears and outright falsehoods either.

    conservatives can have their shows, but those who are peddling agendas (comedian rush limbaugh and bill-o the clown fall into this category as well) should be taken off the air for harming the public interest. i don't think that it's any coincidence that most of the "domestic terrorists" are the ones that are listening to that right wing neocon crap.
  9. DAB

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    You don't know if I am on the left or the right. I stated my opinion of Sean Hannity I think he is a extra large hate mongering prick. That has nothing to do with being left or right! It is an opinion! You may like to sit down and drink coffee with him and look into his eyes and buy all the bull shit he is selling, but this big dawg just isn't!

    By the way no offense to you, again that is my opinion of the man and if he wasn't on sat radio it would not hurt my feelings. Before you righties get your underwear in a bunch like you usually do. I don't want the man snuffed, nor do I wish him any harm, I just don't see value in what he has to offer, so if he got canned on regular radio and was not on sat, I wouldn't be bothered one iota. Now yank your underwear out of your cracks, it will be okay! Sean as unfortunate as it is isn't going anywhere. LOL ;)

    There are many on both sides that I feel this way about!
  10. Wayne Edwards

    Wayne Edwards Active Member

    Vinny is right and you are wrong. Alex Bennett & Lynn Samuels were contributing reasons why I initially subscribed to Sirius. Miller & Hartman are boring and more importantly are on terrestrial radio. Face it, you can hear douchebags like Hannity, Schlessinger and Limbaugh all over the country on AM radio, why waste Sirius/XM bandwidth with crap you can hear free?
  11. ctkatz

    ctkatz Member

    hartmann, miller, and malloy cannot be heard in my market. i heard all three online. they were enough reason for me to tune to 146. have you ever even considered that some shows are not heard in some markets, especially liberal/left shows? i heard an amazing statistic recently: for every 300 hours of conservative talk, nationally you get one MINUTE of liberal talk. so i want more of hartmann, miller and others heard on 146. what i get instead are a centrist, a boorish foulmouthed screetch who has michael "savage" weiner as an idol and a bore which takes up 8 hours of time, time which could be used to air all of hartmann, all of miller and all of someone else.

    i find it strange when people criticize the content on 146 explanations of "its not good to have one point of view" are given. i have yet to hear the same thing said about sirius patriot however. that station has message discipline down for 24 hours. the same can't be said of 146. put samuels and bennett on potus and move thompson to the power on xm and give people some real liberal talk.
  12. almaniac27

    almaniac27 Member

    It's convenient to have some shows like Hannity's for people who like the show and are traveling and don't want to have to keep hitting the seek button on their radio. As for Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann, they are on only a handful of terrestrial stations. I am in Cincinnati and we do not have a progressive talk station. We used to, but it didn't work out.
  13. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    Miller....Boring? You're crazy! She might be a bit shticky but it beats the sleeping while he talks Bennet and the nastiness of Lynn (she's not bad when she rags on Obama and won't give him a chance...is she really Left?)

    As much as I love Stephanie Miller, for example, she is one of those cases where you can hear her show on two overlapping stations (Ann Arbor and Detroit) but its AM and listening at night is more convenient for me.

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