Greatest Invention (To date anyway)

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    I don't know how I survived so long without this invention.. I think I am going to order a few tonight !! LoL!!


    The DVD rewinder - DV Guru
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    My pet Rock.

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    That's right up there with this one:

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    Invention: Toilet Paper
    Function: noun / TP, lavatory paper, toilet tissue, bathroom tissue Definition: A thin, soft, lightweight, sanitized paper used in bathrooms for personal cleanliness.Toilet paper, which differs in composition from facial tissue, is designed to deteriorate when wet in order to keep drain pipes clear.

    Patent: 117,355 (US) issued July 25, 1871 Inventor: Seth Wheeler
    Criteria: First to patent. Modern prototype. Entrepreneur. Birth: May 18, 1838 in Chatham, New York Death: Date unknown

    1391 Toilet paper first produced in China (for the Emperor's use). Each sheet 2' by 3'
    1857 Joseph Gayetty sells first factory-made toilet paper These were loose, flat, sheets of paper
    1871 Zeth Wheeler patents rolled and perforated wrapping paper
    1872 John Kimberly, H. Babcock, Charles Clark, and F.Shattuck open Kimberly, Clark and Company
    1874 Wheller created the Rolled Wrapping Paper Company, but the company couldn't turn a profit,
    1877 Wheller reorganized into the Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company
    1877 Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Co. sells Perforated Toilet Paper ('The Standard') on a roll.
    1879 Walter Alcock, of England introduced the perforated toilet roll
    1879 Scott Paper Company sells the toilet paper on a roll, which led to the popular Waldorf brand
    1885 Oliver Hewlett Hicks patents package of toilet paper.and the manufacturing process
    1894 U.S. Supreme Court invalidate Hicks patents in favor of Seth Wheeler's 1871 patent.
    1935 Northern Tissue advertises its toilet paper as "splinter-free"
    1942 First two-ply toilet paper from St. Andrew's Paper Mill in England; paper becomes softer CAPs: Wheeler, Seth Wheeler, Joseph Gayetty, Walter Alcock, Oliver Hewlett Hicks, Edward Scott, Clarence Scott, Irwin Scott, John Kimberly, H. Babcock, Charles Clark, F.Shattuck, ARYs: toilet paper, TP, lavatory paper, toilet tissue, bathroom tissue, toilet roll, SIP, history, invention, stroy, facts, inventor, biography.
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    Is that a Ron Popeil product? He comes out with the best stuff!;)
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    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    How could anyone live without this...............

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    With VHS passe nowadays, the tape rewinder folks probably need some cash flow.
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    The USB toaster comes from the Onion. They had a bunch of really good phony products with fully designed boxes. You could buy the empty boxes and then put real presents in there and give them to people. I really wanted to do this for a buddies wedding. give him a real gift but put it in a USB toaster box.

    Hands down, in my opinion, the greatest invention is Air Conditioning. Think about it, in our own little small spaces, we are able to control the weather. Amazing.
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    u u :)
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