Greatest defensive player ever...

Discussion in 'NFL' started by TSSJimmyCoN, Feb 2, 2009.


Who is the greatest defensive player ever

  1. Ray Lewis

    1 vote(s)
  2. Reggie White

    2 vote(s)
  3. Dick Butkus

    1 vote(s)
  4. Ronnie Lott

    1 vote(s)
  5. Lawrence Taylor

    3 vote(s)
  6. OTHER

    2 vote(s)
  1. TSSJimmyCoN

    TSSJimmyCoN Member

    I know this is a tough question but I love watching you guys argue
  2. TSSJimmyCoN

    TSSJimmyCoN Member

    I voted Reggie. Unblockable. Unreal
  3. PACanesFan

    PACanesFan Member

    The Minister of Defense
  4. TSSJimmyCoN

    TSSJimmyCoN Member

    the guy tore his hamstring and ended up playing 3 weeks later....TORN HAMSTRING?!!?!
  5. Well, my hamster died in the 1st grade and I still played kickball that afternoon!

    I vote Ronnie Lott!
  6. TSSJimmyCoN

    TSSJimmyCoN Member

    it'd be easier to play kickball with a dead hamster than a kickball
  7. I heard Ronnie Lott once ate a hamster because he was hungry. I also heard that he once shot down a german plane by pointing his finger into the sky and yelling "bang!"
  8. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    Ronnie cut off part of his finger so that he could finish playing the rest of the game. Besides, I met him a few times and he's the nicest guy ever.
  9. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    I voted Lawrence Taylor. He seemed to have more of an impact on a game. (IMO)
  10. Maybe on Super Tecmo Bowl he did! But LT also co-stared along side Jean Claude Van-Dammage in a shithole movie called "In Hell". To me that takes away alot of cool points.

    Oh, and he was in a movie w/ Eric Roberts, but it was not any of "The Best of the Best" series. Way lame!
  11. TSSJimmyCoN

    TSSJimmyCoN Member

    LT loves cocaine
  12. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Well can you blame him? :idunno:

    Hopefully in about 10 years we can include Super Mario Williams in this discussion.

  13. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    Lawrence Taylor

    OK, I will keep that in mind.
  14. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    Erik Williams owned him, he bitch slapped him regularly. Williams was offense player of the week 3 times when he faced Reggie White. In fact they changed the rules to make Erik Williams headslap move that he used on Reggie illeagal.

    Reggie White was good, the best ever? I think that Deacon Jones was better. LT was a game changer. Joe Greene? There are many better.

    [ame=] Deacon Jones [/ame]
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2009
  15. mynameisharper

    mynameisharper New Member

    Dick Butkus.

    [ame=]YouTube - Hall of Famer Bick Butkus Highlight Reel[/ame]
  16. TSSJimmyCoN

    TSSJimmyCoN Member

    Erik Williams was a date rapist. I'm sure he used that bitch slap move with the girl he had at his house that one night with Michael Irvin
  17. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    Settlement in Irvin-Williams Case

    The Cowboys stars MICHAEL IRVIN and ERIK WILLIAMS have settled their defamation lawsuit against a television station in a deal that ''represents a major step'' toward rectifying the damage done to them, their lawyer said yesterday.

    The lawyer, PETER GINSBERG, and an official for the Dallas-Fort Worth television station KXAS said they could not disclose details of the settlement with the reporter MARTY GRIFFIN and the Lin Television Corporation, parent company for KXAS.

    However, a source speaking on the condition of anonymity said the settlement calls for the players to split a payment of at least $2 million.

    The defamation of character suit stemmed from the reporting by the station of sexual assault allegations made against the two Cowboys last December by NINA SHAHRAVAN. The police cleared the players, saying her accusations were unfounded.

    Are you related to Marty Griffin or just ill-informed?

    Dallas Cowboy Sues City Over Rape Accusation

    A player for the Dallas Cowboys filed suit today in Federal court against the City of Dallas and the police, asserting that his civil rights were violated when officers investigated accusations made last December and later recanted by a 23-year-old woman that he had raped her.

    The player, Erik Williams, also filed a libel suit today against a local television station and one of its reporters who had reported the accusations. That suit also charges that the station, KXAS, an NBC affiliate, knew or should have known that the accusations were suspect.

    Sam Lindsay, the Dallas city attorney, did not respond to telephone calls today seeking comment.

    Charles Babcock, a lawyer representing the station, said Mr. Williams's suit was factually unfounded and amounted to a ''consumer fraud'' action. It was little more than an effort to circumvent First Amendment restrictions, Mr. Babcock said.

    The woman, Nina Shahravan, was charged with perjury in the incident but is not a defendant in either suit.

    The suits say that over several months Ms. Shahravan had given a KXAS reporter information about drug use, drug dealing and various sexual escapades by team members, management and coaches but that the station decided the information was not reliable.

    The suits also say that Ms. Shahravan gave her information to Dallas narcotics officers in an effort to act as an informant, but that the police, too, decided it was not credible.

    Nevertheless, the suits say, when Ms. Shahravan told the police on Dec. 30 that she had been raped by Mr. Williams and another man while another Dallas Cowboys player, Michael Irvin, held a gun to her head, the police sought to publicize her accusations and ignored evidence contradicting her tale.

    On Jan. 10 the police confronted her with inconsistencies in her story, and she signed a confession saying that she had made up the entire story. After she was charged, her lawyers said she stuck by her original story and had been raped.

    Legal experts called the suits ''imaginative'' and questioned whether Mr. Williams had made out a civil rights case against the city.

    ''If those things are true, it's certainly a deplorable violation of his right of privacy,'' said Phillip Bobbit, a constitutional law professor at the University of Texas School of Law. ''But that's not the same thing as a civil rights violation.''

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