"Gentlemen, Stop Your Engines"


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Oct 23, 2008
OK, here's the article causing a ruckus.

A NASCAR fan makes the case to euthanize stock-car racing. - By Robert Weintraub - Slate Magazine

Your thoughts?

Personally, the fact that he put the word sport in quotations ("sport") makes me question whether he was ever a fan to begin with. I'm SO tired of "ESPN-like" sports writers saying nascar isn't a sport.

Robert Weintraub is on TMD now as I write this. (Oops, sorry. Apparently they couldn't get Mr. Weintraub on so they replayed an interview with Al Gore on MSNBC)

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Oct 22, 2008
Edmonton, Alberta
Was the author of the article actually on TMD this morning? I missed recording it.

I agree with quite a few of his points and disagree with some of it. I think Nascar needs changes starting with its management, but theres no reason why change cant be made without killing it.