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Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by TOM C., Jan 4, 2009.

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    The one you see there was a prototype that they showed off, but they were never produced!

    I wish they would have made some of them, cause I'd sure try to find me one.
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  4. Yes. I remember the G1 as being some what of a flop in it's earlier days when it came out. It was just kind of this meager attempt for them. Not enough demand to produce a dock for it. Think at the time they really had other priorities like building the musical library. Just establishing teams at the company, etc. Certainly the G2 has shown how they have grown. This woot thing is yes good marketing, but also a way for them to clear out the G1 inventory to make more room. Lack of accessories for the G1 is a real downer, but the economy sucks. So slacker knows people will not pass up these woot deals. I wonder if users even consider ahead of time that no accessories really even exist for these G1's.

    To me the important thing is they are selling them to make room for new products. Market slacker. Which in turn will ultimately give me more of what I want with the new generation stuff. These sat radio refugees are a blessing in disguise. In that regards I am so thankful to sat radio for the sloppiness.
    In regards to a G1 dock. Often we over think things. You can probably make a pretty simple dock. In regards to how you want it to sit, or render on your table/car. Of course without the audio plug in, etc on the dock itself. This is just something that you will have to live with on the G1. Ultimately I hope though it will sell you to upgrade to the new generation stuff.

    Who knows though maybe they have created such a buzz with woot. They will release a G1 dock set up. With the new firmware if it is a better device. With all the wooters. The docks maybe worth it. In the end I think they have other priorities, and slacker hopes you will upgrade to the latest generation devices. Once you get your whistle wet with the G1.
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    It seems to me that you could produce 5,000 or so of the docks and just sell them on the website for $50 or whatever clears a profit. That low of a # would sell out and make you some money. They already have a prototype.
  6. DAB

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    I think it would depend on how many of these devices they have produced and then sold as to if you make this effort. The G1's just never really sold that well because most felt they were over sized. But some of course did buy them because they liked the concept and for many it works very well.

    I think making an investment you almost need to know you can sell them and I am not sure there is really as big of a demand for home docks as we'd imagine. I know I'd buy one, but coming from sat radio I am sort of a dock guy. :)
  7. MM

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    Maybe after all the Woot sales, they'll reconsider.
  8. As a user with a G2. I don't see them reconsidering. Woot is simply an outlet to get rid of these devices. At this point the G1's are not worth much. So slacker has to do something with them. They don't want them just sitting around. Besides I'm sure they could use the space for new products they sell. In my mind them making docks for G1's would be going backwards. I would rather them focus on future products, and improving what they have. You can thank the woot sales for the recent firmware update, but don't expect anything else for the G1. Woot was simply to get rid of them. The firmware update was to show some compassion for the G1 owners, but that fix was probably pretty simple to do on their end.

    Forget about Slacker. Do you think an outside company would produce, and sell G1 docks ? Not likely it would not be worth it, because it is a older generation product. The window of buyers making a dock purchase would be very short lived, and it would just be too much of a financial gamble. For the manufacturer. Lets think ahead with the current line of products not old outdated products.
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    OOC you make it sound like everyone that purchased these G1's have just wasted their money. But I don't believe that. I think Slacker support will continue to support them and while the Woot sales have put more out there using them. I think the plan has been to continue to support them. I see nothing on Slackers forum or have read anything from support saying they will not longer support these devices. The G1's even though they are sold on Woot still have a 1 year warranty.

    I honestly don't expect their to be any docks for the G1, but no one but Slacker is in a position to say there won't be.

    The good news is that most of the G2 accessores like the power adapters, car charger, fm trans work with the G1, so other than an armband the G1 actually has as many accessories. In fact the G1 actually has a nice case, which has yet to be released for the G2.

    So, lets not chunk the G1 out the window just yet!

    I also don't think even the G2 has sold enough for Belkin or Griffin are any of these third party companies to even consider making accessories for them. Just not worth the investment. But if docks are sold it won't be by these companies, it will have to be pushed by Slacker themselves at least for now. Hell there are almost 20 million sat subscribers and these companies even in sat radio's hay day never really got on board and I wouldn't expect they will for this device either.
  10. Well don't put words in my mouth. I have not said no support will be offered. I would expect full support via chat/email/forum to be honored on the G1 if a user needs help with a issue on the device. Anyway support has already stated 1 year warranties will be honored as long as you have a receipt to prove date of purchase. No returns on G1 to Slacker. Returns with place of purchase only.
    If you can use G2 accessories with G1's all the power to ya. As far as it being a waste of money. That does not concern me what others do with their money. They can spend it however they decide. Besides 70 bucks, or whatever is pretty minimal.
  11. DAB

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    Not putting words in your mouth, I wanted to clarify that these devices will continue to get supported by Slacker. Your previous message sort of left the impression that maybe that would not be the case.

    You can indeed use G2 accessories with the G1, the head phone jacks are the same, the power requirements are the same. The lower priced G1 are a great value considering that. Really any accessories such as FM trans, earbuds/headphones, power adapters would work with either device since in that sense they are the same. It is cases and things like that that would be devices specific that wouldn't work.

    I have a G2 as well, but have also spent time with the G1 and find them to be very nice so much so that I purchased one. I just don't want those posters joining the forum with the G1 to feel they wasted their money and $70 for many is a great deal of money during these tight times. I think as a mod I just want to see the love spread evenly for both devices, it isn't like the competing with each other, they get the same service. These lower prices G1 have allowed many to get a portable that may not have been able to afford $200 for a G2. I almost wish I would have saved my $200 bucks! LOL

    Clearly the G2 is the current device that Slacker is pushing primarily and it is the device they will likely support with docks etc, but these G1 are very worth while regardless of that.
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    The thing I love about my woot G1 is that I made a one time $50 expenditure and I will never spend another cent on Slacker again. I love the player as is, I don't see any need for the premium options. If I run out of skips I just change to one of my other 15 stations. A dock doesn't seem necessary considering that the unit updates over wifi. You really never need to plug it in unless it totally craps out and needs it's software refreshed.

    I think they built the g1 to sell for $300... and anyone who spent that much would have expected to get a bang for their buck. The fact that I got the same bang for 1/6th the price is just phenomenal.
  13. DAB

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    Good post and I think you are right on! :bigthumbup:

    It is why I said I almost wish I had waited and got one of these instead of the G2. I just don't find the G2 that much better except in size and volume normalization, the size isn't that big of a deal to me and the volume normalization from my experience isn't that bad and really should be something that Slacker does on their end, not on the hardware end.
  14. MM

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    Same for me. I just have to find some time to play with it now. :)
  15. Geronimo

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    Continuing to support a product is one thing but producing a car dock fora product that did not sell that well to begin with and that has been replaced in the product line is something else.

    No one ever discussed chucking them out the window but let's face the reality that while you can pick one up cheaply it is unlikely that any G! specific accessories will be produced and the car dock (unlike the FM transmitter etc) would have to be G1 unique.
  16. sphere79

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    We've been asking for (and desperately needing) a firmware update for months - ultimately the new Plus service not working with the G1 probably helped get it released too. The new Wooters certainly have clogged up the official forums with "problem" threads......

    As far as new accessories for the G1, I wouldn't hold my breath. We'll know soon enough with CES coming what Slacker has planned.
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  17. DAB

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    Exactly and I think this has been said what about 4 or 5 time now! LOL

    Yeah I think that fact that the Plus service didn't work was the PRIMARY reason we got the update and of course they knew they were blowing them out on Woot too. It was almost shameful that the stuttering issue was never addressed from way back when.

    I think I've seen some discussion on CES and someone said there wasn't even going to be a Slacker booth. I don't know myself, but apparently they aren't listed as having a both, but maybe they are going to piggyback with some other company. Who knows?

    It would be nice to see what they have planned though!
  18. Geronimo

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    Yes but people still persist in answering questions about the G1 accessoriesby telling us that things may be in the works for the G2 or by telling us that the G1 is still supported. Go figure.
  19. DAB

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    Well number one no one knows for a fact what Slacker has in the works. We can speculate that they are likely to produce some additional accessories for the G2, some of which may work with the G1. It is almost without a doubt totally unlikely they will do anything specifically for the G1, though there are some G2 accessories that will work with the G1 already.

    In regards to the G1 being supported, I have not seen a single thing on their web site or read anything on their forums that indicate it will not continue to be supported. So, I don't see what there is to go figure! If you have some information to the contrary by all means please provide us the information or a link.

    Clearly in my original reply I just didn't pay attention that the OP was talking about the G1, but that was cleared up once the error was realized. You seemed much more bothered by this than the OP. This thread has also expanded to include talk about the G2 accessories. This sometimes happens in threads, I don't see the the big deal.
  20. sphere79

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    I'd assume they will have a presence at or near CES (allot of companies have a presence around but not AT the actual CES) since I read a post by RomeE or one of their other employee's about all they work they are doing to get ready for it.

    And obviously with the Amazon G2 dock popping up they've got some new stuff coming soon. Again, I'd assume all for the G2 and nothing for the G1. As a G1 owner, I'm fine with that. It's a buggy, first-gen product (though usable with the latest firmware) they'd pretty much like to forget about.

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