G1 12v charging issues.


Dec 16, 2008
I seem to have a problem trying to charge my g1 from a 12v source like a car cigarette lighter or my 10ahr solar battery dock.

Sometimes it just ends up on an endless boot loop.

For instance i use it all day then plug it in to my truck cigarette lighter using a usb 5v adapter i had for my ipod and the slacker supplied usb cable and everything works fine on the way home. battery lights show its charging. When I get home its nearly charged and im sure to put it into sleep before going inside, figuring it will charge the rest of the way on my morning drive. The next morning I start the truck and the g1 start up normally and plays for 2-3 mins then starts rebooting till the g1 battery is drained. plugging it into the ac wall charger at this point only start the reboot proses over again. the only way to break the loop is to plug it into my computer and charge it that way.

At first i though it was cold temps. Slacker told me 32* is too cold. but hasn't been getting below 50 lately and it still happens sometimes.

So i tried charging the G1 with my PowerDock Solar Power Charging Station for Laptop Computers - Gaiam

and still have the problem where if the g1 is not fully charged, it ends up just rebooting.

Ive tried 3 different 5v adapters with the same results.

Slacker says its all 3 of my 5v adapters. they said they can be flaky, and suggested spending the $30 on their charger.

What do you all use for 12v charging? Or do you all use a "slacker "' one?

The three adapters i already have work fine for charging my ,gps, pda, ipod, nomad, cellphones ect ect. off either the car or the powerdock. ( the powerdock can run a laptop for over an hour without sun.)

I could just run my inverter, but its a little silly to take 12v make it 120v then back to 12v then finally to 5v...plus its loud.


Mod Emeritus
Oct 9, 2008
I don't currently have a G1, but when I did I used my Slacker car charger and it charged with no problem. I also now use it connected to my home dock in my car and it charges my G2.

My son has a G1 and a G2, he uses a Motorola Razr car charger and this keeps his charged up with no issues.


Oct 25, 2008
Charleston SC
I have had that loop issue, it has happened when I have let the unit run down all the way, if I don't let it go all the way down it will charge and stay charged.