FS: Sirius Starbase (almost) NIB!


Green Type of Tube
Oct 11, 2008
I have a Starbase for sale. I bought this one as a backup radio but I ended up never using it. It's essentially new in box, but I have opened the box to pillage the antenna and to test the tuner. I hooked up the tuner in my truck to make sure it powered on and got signal (it worked great by the way!). Other than the antenna, everything originally in the box is still there. If you need an antenna, I have a dot-micro that I could throw in. Note that this radio must be connected with an aux-in cable, or with the included FMDirect Adapter. It does NOT transmit wirelessly to your FM stereo.

If you are interested in extra parts, I will be removing the starbase in my truck (installing an XM radio) so I can also include an extra controller unit, remote control, FMDirect Adpater, and wiring harness.

I've used my other Starbase since 2005 and I think it was a great radio. It really makes for a clean installation in your vehicle.

$110 shipped anywhere in the US.