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  1. Hey. I am preparing to do a fresh install on my home XP soon. I do this fresh install once a year about this time. I just like to do it to clean the computer out. So it is scheduled maintenance for me. Pretty standard set up with firefox browser, and a hard wired router. As for internet explorer I will install what every the lowest version is they will allow me. I'm on 6 right now. Windows media player I am on 10 currently. My router is my firewall so I will have no firewall software installed. Just AVG anti virus. I'll be using my Slacker G2 of course with the web player. Along with other programs I will reinstall. Using carbonite as backup. Any suggestions Slacker related. Up to this point my experience has been flawless. I did notice another user "nerys" having issues since he did a fresh install on his web player not working. So I am a little nervous I may have the same problem. I have done fresh installs before so I'm not really worried about that.
    I did have a few questions. In regards to the ICS used to connect the G2 to the internet to refresh. Has my experience been flawless in refreshing because of my hard wired router. As I understand it the router has it's own ip address. So is this why I have not had a conflict with the ICS, and how it works with not having the same ip address or whatever it is ? I ask because I used to have Mcafee firewall software. It was very easy to access my router settings. Now I don't have Mcafee so I have no clue how to access my router settings. Although I don't think the router settings will change on the fresh install unless I have to reset the router which hopefully I won't have to do, but I won't know for sure till the time comes. For all I know the default setting of the router address may work fine with the ICS refreshing. Not sure.
    Another thing I have noticed with my current web player. My only minor complaint which I'm sure is my computer causing the issue. The tabs come, and go. For example at the top of the site you have customer support, store, etc. These tabs disappear, or come and go. Usually it is just one missing at a time. I can still click on them since I know they are there, but the tab or button is missing. Currently I have adblock plus as a firefox add on. I have disabled, and uninstalled it. getting the same results. I have current versions of Java, and Flash. I am on Firefox 3, and have never downgraded to 2 to see if that makes a difference. So just hoping this issue goes away after the fresh install process. I figure the cleaning of the refresh will just make the issue go away. It has been said FF 3 is not supported yet by Slacker. So I'm undecided if I should just install next time FF2. Think this would be safe from a security standpoint ? FF does not update 2 anymore.
    What versions of IE, and media player do you think I should install ? I don't use them at all. Think it is cool to just go with the lowest version they will allow me to install ? Or are the current versions stable at this point ?
    Looking at windows media player looks like I can easily download my choice of 9, 10, or version 11.
    Internet explorer it appears version 6, 7, 8 are still available for download. I have service pack 3 currently. I guess I can download any of them. Not sure what I will decide on yet.

    I'll probably keep 9 on WMP, but unsure about IE.

    Anyhow I think that's it. Any comments, suggestions appreciated on non Slacker related stuff. Like accessing my Linksys hard wired router, or IE, WMP thoughts.
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    Well if you never use IE or WMP then just stay with whatever your current OEM CD installs. Windows Update will try to force you to upgrade, but you can overide that easily.

    I don't think there is anything you need to do specific to your Linksys router as Windows doesn't impact it, it only uses it to gain access to a network on internet access.

    My Linksys router even has the default setup and I've never had an issue connecting via Wifi or USB. I think often times where these things get screwed up is people playing around with them. ON my Wireless router I have used the default settings, except that I changed my SSID and added WPA-2 Personal security. Works with my laptop, desktop (though normally I hardwire my desktop it works either way) my friends come over, their laptops work, my Slacker G2/G1's connect, my iPod Touch, Sansa Connect and some of my friends even connect to my wifi via their telephones. I've installed not only fresh copies of Vista on my desktop, but just recently installed Windows Home Server on my server and of course it does make changes to the router to provide access to the Home Server by remote access and of course giving access to certain ports to provide access to my documents and web sites being hosted on my server.
  3. As far as the Linksys router. Yes I also see that the default Ip address is This is the same ip for the ICS that refreshes our slacker portables on usb at least anyway. As I understand it after looking on the web. When your linksys router connects to the internet it creates a private ip of Seems this is why we have no conflict with ICS on refreshing portable Slackers.

    On a side note. Some issues seem to be out, and about with Slacker. One of them is a sign in issue. Users seem to think it is on Slackers end, and a few other issues have unfolded in a short amount of time. So it appears Slacker is going to be very busy in the next few days. I'm going to hold off on the fresh install till I get some word from slacker on the issue. I don't want to do fresh install on OS, and not be able to sign back in. Another user just had this very problem.

    When I do install I'm thinking IE 6, and WMP 10 with the XP service pack 3. So hopefully Slacker will address the sign in issue, and ease my mind to install new OS with no issues afterwords. I'd like to be up, and running in a flawless manner. So timing seems important from my Slacker usage standpoint.
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    Dunno about all the slacker stuff, but if you reload your operating system each year, I'd recommend considering Norton Ghost:

    System Restore - PC Backup Software | Norton Ghost

    Whenever I build a system the first software I install is Norton Ghost. I use it to make a few images as I progress with configuring the machine with my settings and software:

    1. image of a 100% clean system. This is done right after the OS is loaded and before doing any updates or software installation.

    2. image of the system after I have done all the Windows updates and made all the little system configuration changes that I like

    3. image of the system after my software has been installed

    I then make backup copies of each image and store them somewhere safe. These would come in very handy if I wanted to re-load the system every year (or if my hard drive ever melts down, or if I get hit by a nasty virus). Instead of hours and hours of reloading and reconfiguring, it would only take an hour or so to apply one of the images I created when the system was new. It's well worth the initial cost.
  5. DAB

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    Well the only way I'd believe this was on Slackers end is if we were all having connection problems, which clearly we are not. These issues are generally always found to be an end user issue either with their router/wireless router/WAP etc. Many end users play around with the settings on these devices and they create the issues themselves. Usually a reset of the router with default settings will clear up most issues.

    I think Slacker is on top of their game and when issues are identified and found to be on their end, they get on them ASAP. So, if that is indeed found to be the case, which I strongly doubt, then they will surely resolve it.

    You know because the internet is so fickle sometimes, you can have a major trunk line down (backgone issues) or almost anything that will cause some folks not be able to to gain access, while others will be able to connect without issue.
  6. The sign in thing is being reported by folks that signed out recently, and can't sign back in. I don't know. I have not signed out to test it. So you maybe right, or not. I'm not going to pursue the fresh install on one users opinion that everything is cool on slackers end, but I hope you are right. I'd assume wait a day, or two to see how Slacker responds on the forum. They will either say yes it is on Slacker's end, or no it is on the users end. If it is on the users end I can move forward. I use Slacker web all the time so I don't want to chance it right now. Some other issues I've noticed won't interfere with my fresh install. They seem to be mostly portable related, but I'm not clear if that is wide spread from firmware updates, or just end user issues at home. Whatever the case Slacker is going to be busy sorting it out for the users whichever end the issue is on.
  7. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I just signed out and signed back in on the web player, with no issues. My son is here and he is refreshing his Slacker as I type this, he didn't have any sign in issues.

    However, with all that said this has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with you doing a clean install or not. Your computer only access the network via the internet and what you do on your computer is irrevelant and makes no sense to me. But anyway... carry on! LOL
  8. Thanks. I'll certainly take a close look at it. I don't know if I will pursue it for this fresh install. Can consider it for next year. I was planning to stop by the computer shop for a moment. I'll see if the guys are familiar with it at all. Maybe they can help to sell me on it. I assume this would compliment my carbonite back up. So I would use ghost during a clean install for images. Then I would save it, and reuse the images the next time I do fresh install. To save some time. Right ? How do you save these images off site. Would thy be saved on a CD ?
  9. Well you are brave for giving it a try ;)
    I'll do it soon, but not tonight
  10. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    That is because I know over the years that most end users are the problem! Just like I believe that to be the case with this.

    I use to work in a support center for an internet service provider that my best friend owned. I did it merely to help him out as he was just getting started. But I was amazed at how ignorant people really are when it comes to stuff like this (by the way that isn't directed at you) just saying in general.

    I remember this one lady called and said she couldn't get her computer to come on. I said well mam, you need to call manufacturer of your computer because we only provide support for the internet. She said well it worked fine until we got your damn service. I said, well mam I am sorry, but I can't help you. Finally during the conversation she said... OH THANK GOD, the power just came back on. Nuff Said!
  11. Casual Fan

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    Good Lord, why would you wipe your machine every year, on purpose???!!! :eek:

    Life is short, man! On your deathbed, you won't be saying, "I wish I had spent more time reinstalling Windows for no reason!"

    One more thing--using older versions of Microsoft products is just asking for trouble. I don't use WMP (VLC instead) or IE (FF instead) often, but I do keep those MS products updated just to stay up with the security fixes.

    (I'll be dual-booting Ubuntu 64-bit and XP on my laptop soon as I have heard that ATI support for Linux is much improved since AMD bought them :cool:)
  12. ProperModulation

    ProperModulation Green Type of Tube

    I agree with Casual Fan. There's really no need to start fresh every year. I used to do that years ago but I eventually stopped after I realized that there was not a lot of benefit in it. The one good lesson I took away from it was that it is a good idea to keep your machine organized and as clean as possible. That, plus a good antivirus/antispam tool will keep your machine running well for years and years without reinstalling Windows.

    There was also a part of me that liked reloading from scratch just for the heck of it. Now when I get that itch I just fire up VirtualBox and create a VM of a new Linux distro to play around with :).
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    Right on. The reasons for reloading have faded over the years. (severely defrag'd hard drive, major viruses, updating issues)

    Use to be 5-10GB HDs that'd fill up and then your 128MB of RAM would max out and then the virtual memory would tap out the hard drive.

    Not with 200GB+ HDs and 2GB of RAM. That's why we all still pimp XP. It FINALLY can run without hardware issues.

    That's why NONE of us pimp Vista unless forced to. Not ready for another 5 years.

    (I'm still suprised that people run virus protection. Hint, IT'S A SCAM)
  14. ProperModulation

    ProperModulation Green Type of Tube

    That's about what I make of it. I've only ever dealt with viruses twice in the past 10 years. Once was with my parents when my mom opened a bad email, and once at work. I still really don't know what happened to my PC at work but I was searching google for a solution to a problem and all of a sudden things went haywire and some spyware crap took over my system. in both cases the computer was running at least one AV program but neither attack was stopped or was even curable. Both required me to nuke the machine and start fresh. I still run 2 AVs on both my machines but I think the benefit is probably mostly mental.
  15. JoeTan

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    You have to think it out. What are the side effects of getting a virus? Slow performance? Pop-ups?

    What's the side effect of virus protection? Slow performance? Pop-us? FALSE ALARMS THAT WANT YOU TO BUY SOMETHING????

    All it does is TELL YOU when you are infected. Doesn't fix. Doesn't protect.

    Firewall, stay out of the nastier porn sites and forget the scam virus protection and all of a sudden your PC works the nuts.
  16. Well it turns out it was on Slackers end, and they found it after a delay trying pinpoint the cause. So that just shows you issues like with servers does not always have to effect every single user, but in some cases fewer are effected. Anyway they found it, and fixed it. I think this was causing both sign in issues, and refreshing issues for some users not all users.

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all your feedback. We have been scouring through the logs all morning and I think our Dev Team has isolated the problem to something with how one of our servers came up after a restart recently. It appears that a small fraction of our users were affected which is what caused the problem in tracking this down. The server was reporting everything properly, but one little part of it wasn't right.

    Either way, we are going to restart that server now and this should bring things back up to normal.

    I apologize for the delay in isolating this down. Because it wasn't affecting the vast majority of users, and we couldn't reproduce it here, it took some time to track down.

    Things should be better for everyone in less than an hour as the server is restarted and everyone is redirected to other servers.

    Best regards,
    Rome E
    Slacker Support
  17. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Well it is good that they found it and fixed it. Slacker support generally handles up, so it doesn't surprise me.

    I still think that many of the issues that some report are end user issues. In fact I think some folks are just too stupid to own this device. Sorry I just have to call it like I see it. No matter how good Slacker support is they won't ever be able to resolve the stupidity factor. I just read through the thread over on Woot... GOSH!!! I would like to say I am amazed, but I am not.

    But now that begs the question, what does a problem on their server have to do with you doing a clean install of Windows? That still doesn't make any sense to me!
  18. Thanks for your others feedback. I was not asking though if I should, or should not do a fresh install. I plan to do a install otherwise I would not have asked for suggestions. I've got everything straight now though. Currently I have XP with service pack 3 along with IE 6, and WMP 9. To casual fan I have had these for a while with no problems. I think I may upgrade to WMP 10, but keep IE 6. I never use them. To be honest I may do IE 7, but I have not decided yet. It seems stable from what others say. As stable as it gets for MS anyway. By the way casual I have VLC as well. I was using it mostly for P2P video streaming. I don't use it as much anymore though since I have NHL gamecenter live account now. I do use VLC on occasion when some games are blacked out though. DAB yes I have IE 6, and WMP 9 with my SP3 installed. MS did not make me upgrade IE, and WMP at that time. When I installed SP3.
  19. JoeTan

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    It was most likely stuck signing in. This happens.
  20. JoeTan

    JoeTan Well-Known Member

    The ONLY browser I use is tabbed IE7.

    It is windows. Why use a 3rd party browser? You can keep lying to yourself by using firefox but it's really not better.

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