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Discussion in 'DRC Hardware Exchange' started by Dwoman, Dec 31, 2015.

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    I have a bunch of items that I am looking to sell, will give an overview below, if you are interested shoot me a PM and I can give you more information and we discuss price.

    SIR Echo Transmitter and Antennae
    Sirius Lynx Radio (only used with wifi, has the issue where I could not access on demand, wifi works fine)
    Sirius Lynx Home Kit (2)
    Sirius Lynx Vehicle Kit (never used, in box)
    Sirius Stiletto SL2 (includes headphones, 2 home docks, 1 vehicle dock)
    Sirius Sportster Radio (SP R1) with home dock and vehicle dock (in package not opened)
    Sirius Sportster Boombox SP-B1
    50 Foot Antennae (extender)
    Sirius S50 car dock and home dock
    Sirius S50 Radio (not sure about selling this, but can be talked into it)
    I have various extra antennae from kits and some other accessories.

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