Film-maker Polanski arrested in Switzerland


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Oct 24, 2008
Harrisburg PA.
ZURICH, Sept 27 (Reuters) - Film-maker Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland on a 31-year-old U.S. arrest warrant, the Zurich Film Festival said in a statement on Sunday.

Polanski's arrest on Saturday evening was in connection with an arrest warrant issued by U.S. authorities in 1978 for having unlawful sex with an underage girl, the statement said.

The film-maker had been due to recieve the prize for his life's work at the Film Festival on Sunday evening, kick-starting a retrospective of his film career.

"Roman Polanski, one of the greatest film directors of our time, would have received an award for his life's achievement at the Zurich Film Festival," the statement said.

"However, he was detained by the police upon his entry at Zurich Airport. His detention is linked to the demand by U.S.-authorities to a warrant for his arrest in 1978."

"The festival directors have received this news with great consternation and shock," the festival said, adding that the tribute to Polanski would go ahead so that festival-goers could express their solidarity and admiration for the film-maker.

He was arrested in the late 1970s and charged with giving drugs and alcohol to a 13-year-old girl and having unlawful sex with her at a photo session at Jack Nicholson's Hollywood home.

Polanski, who maintained the girl was sexually experienced and had consented, spent 42 days in prison undergoing psychiatric tests but fled the country before being sentenced. His U.S. visa has since been withdrawn.

Polanski's agent in Los Angeles was not immediately available for comment.

UPDATE 2-Film-maker Polanski arrested in Switzerland | Reuters


Oct 12, 2008
New York
Does it matter what the guy did? It's a red herring that gets sensationalized by the media. He's just a low life criminal who thought he was too good to face the music.
He was harbored by shit bag countries like France and allowed to enjoy his freedom.
I hope he spends the rest of his life getting anally raped and eaten by rats in prison.


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Oct 19, 2008
Na na na na na na.....hey hey hey, good bye...

/scum bag.


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Oct 16, 2008
Western, PA
Yeah, you know what, F this guy.

Whether he raped her or whether it was consensual, she was 13 years OLD!!!!!!! He got her drunk and high, then, he RAN to FRANCE and since they suck, they let him stay.

I hope Switzerland ships him back here and he goes to jail. I don't need any more of his films.